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AAi NewsBytes, the Advanced Analytics Institute newsletter, is produced on a quarterly basis. It provides all of the latest information on AAi in relation to innovation, collaboration, education, networking, events and developments within the AAi team.

September 2015 Issue 16

  • Data Analytics Gets Excited!
  • AAi HDRs presented at International Conference GIW/InCoB 2015 in Tokyo
  • Landmark conference a boost for Australian data science
  • Upcoming short courses
  • Article to Read: Deep Learning Machine

July 2015 Issue 15

  • Data Arena at UTS
  • There has to be an easier way to find that perfect outfit!
  • Big Data Summit 2015
  • Upcoming Short Courses

May 2015 Issue 14

  • Big Network and Graph Data Science
  • Various Flavours of Big Data in Computer Vision, Banking and Teaching
  • CeBIT and CITTC
  • Upcoming Short Courses

April 2015 Issue 13

  • Innovation and Advanced Analytics – A TCS Perspective 
  • Government Continues to Apply Analytics to Enhance Productivity
  • Want to Get Ahead of the Field?

March 2015 Issue 12

  • Dr Shonali Krishnasway, Institute for Infocomm Research, Visits AAi
  • Sentiment Polarity Detection helps discover user opinions
  • Connecting rules from paired miRNA and mRNA expression data sets of Hepatitis C virus patients
  • Want to Get Ahead of the Field?

February 2015 Issue 11

  • Skills and Team Building
  • International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology Visit of Chinese Academy of Engineering delegation
  • Key Technology Partner Strengthens research collaboration
  • Adversarial Data Science for Business Security
  • Want to Get Ahead of the Field?

September 2014 Issue 10

  • Director’s Welcome
  • Register Now for 2014 Big Data Summit, 24-28 October
  • Recap of KDD2014 in New York connecting to KDD2015 in Sydney
  • Encouraging visitors to explore outside Sydney is the subject of new Data Analytics research
  • AAi Analytics Education and Corporate Training – More Courses to Come

August 2014 Issue 9

  • Director’s Welcome
  • World leading Chief Data Officer Dr Usama Fayyad joins UTS:AAi as an international board member
  • Workshop on Educational Data Mining on 22 August at UTS
  • Sharing Deep Data Analytics Innovation with the Government and Health Professionals
  • Best Paper Award at International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCoB) 2014
  • New Monograph: Metasynthetic Computing and Engineering of Complex Systems
  • Upcoming Short Courses
  • 2014 Big Data Summit, 24-28 October

 July 2014 Issue 8

  • Director’s Welcome
  • UTS:AAi receives Linkage Project Funding from the Australian Research Council
  • Chongqing Municipal Government’s visit to AAi
  • Road accident Blackspot geo-coding
  • Incredible experience as a Visiting Student at AAi
  • Tertiary structure-based prediction of conformational B-cell epitopes through B factors
  • Upcoming Short Courses
  • 2014 Big Data Summit

 March 2014 Issue 7

  • Director’s Welcome
  • AAi endorsed to establish and host an ANZ SIGKDD Chapter
  • AAi provides big insight for global technology company
  • Travel grant enhances joint research activity
  • Upcoming Short Courses
  • Upcoming Seminars

February 2014 Issue 6

  • Director's Welcome
  • Partnership boosts international big data research
  • Space research partnership launched
  • Upcoming Short Courses


September 2013 Issue 5 (pdf, 744.56 KB)

  • Special Highlights

-Progress in Big Data Analytics
-UTS to host Australia’s 1st KDD

  • Innovation

-New Projects
-Journal Papers
-Conference Papers

  • Collaboration

-Strategic Collaborations with Leading French Institutions on Data Sciences
-Joint Research Centre: Academy of Opto-Electronics at the Chinese Academy of Science

  • Education

-IJCAI Tutorial
-Seminar Series
-Study Group Session
-Short Course Series
-Upcoming Short Courses

  • Networking

-IEEE CIS Task Force
-IEEE Oceania Chapter
-International Visits and Visitors

  • The AAi Team

-Visiting Academic
-Visiting Students
-New Members
-Team Building


June 2013 Issue 4 (pdf, 6.1MB)

  • Special Highlights
  • Awards
  • Papers Awarded
  • Journal Papers Published
  • Conference Papers Published
  • Books Published
  • New Projects with Australian Taxation Office
  • New Projects for improving the University's intake and marketing
  • Project extension with Nokia Research Centre in Finland
  • Big Data Analytics Breakfast Canberra
  • Big Data Analytics Forum Canberra
  • Big Data School
  • Big Data Summit
  • Sydney MongoDB Meetup
  • Big Data Marketing at University of Western Sydney
  • AAI Short Courses and Executive Training in Advanced Analytics and Data Science
  • Professor Piccardi's Lecture Series
  • AAI Seminar Series
  • PAKDD2013
  • Invited Speeches
  • International Visitors
  • UTS Distinguished Scholars
  • Visiting Academics
  • Visiting Students
  • Master of Analytics (Research) Student

January 2013, Issue 3 (pdf, 3.3MB)

  • Papers Published
  • Papers Accepted
  • Grants Awarded
  • Papers Awarded
  • Papers Accepted
  • Books published
  • Nokia Research Collaboration
  • MOU with Northeastern University, China
  • UTS Partnership Grant
  • Big Data Workshop
  • Interdisciplinary Workshop
  • AAI Seminar Series
  • Generalised Autocovariance Function
  • Future of Advanced Analytics
  • The Teradata Aster Platform
  • Invited Speech
  • ACM Multimedia Conference
  • State University of New York
  • PAKDD 2013
  • Industry Visitors
  • Academic Visitors

September 2012, Issue 2 (pdf, 3.9MB)

This issue includes the following news items:

  • Papers Published
  • Papers Accepted
  • UTS: Engage Event
  • Huawei Technologies
  • Microsoft Research
  • Collaboration Meetings in China
  • A New Food Choice Model
  • An Innovative Online Advertising Model
  • Context Free Grammars and Topic Models
  • IEEE SPS Seasonal School
  • Air Passengers’ Loyalty and Its Business Analytics
  • Upcoming Big Data Workshop
  • FEIT Teaching and Learning Grant
  • FEIT Research Showcase
  • Chinese University Research Office Delegation
  • Liaoning Technical University Delegation
  • Computer Graphics and Interactive Media Lab, Houston
  • ICME
  • Business Development Manager
  • New Lecturer
  • AAI Welcomes Four New Students
  • Doctorate Conferral
  • Academic Visitors

June 2012, Issue 1 (pdf, 1.5MB)

This issue includes the following news items:

  • KDD-2012 Success
  • IBM Fellowship Success
  • Student Analytics System
  • New book: Behavior Computing, Springer
  • Policy Suggestions to Local China Government
  • Microsoft Research Collaboration
  • Cheque Image Processing System Trialed in Westpac
  • SAS Agreement
  • China Collaboration
  • IEEE Signal Processing Society Seasonal School in UTS
  • Advanced Analytics Study Group
  • Upcoming AAI Showcase at UTS
  • Advanced Analytics Seminar Series
  • 2012 IEEE ICME in Melbourne
  • PAKDD 2013
  • ADMI 2012 Has Been Successfully Held
  • AAI Management Committee Meeting
  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Business and Social Analytics
  • AAI at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2012
  • Academic Visitors