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World leading Chief Data Officer Dr Usama Fayyad joins UTS:AAi as an international board member
Invited by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Prof Longbing shared his views on deep behaviour analytics to a group of over 30 senior analytics professionals from various government departments as a means of motivating and inspiring professional practice in analytics within the government. Our young PhD candidate, Shameek Ghosh, has also been invited to share his health informatics research at HISA NSW’s 3rd Young Talent Time event.
The paper by Qian Liu, Jinyan Li and Zhenhua Li on Using B-factor-related features for accurate classification between protein binding interfaces and crystal packing contacts won the Best Paper Award (BMC Bioinformatics) at the recent International Conference on Bioinformatics. It proposes to use four features related to B factor for the classification between biological interfaces and crystal packing contacts. The proposed computational methods have a potential for large-scale and accurate identification of biological interactions from the experimentally determined structural data stored at the Protein DataBank which may have diverse interface sizes.
A new monograph, Metasynthetic Computing and Engineering of Complex Systems, by Prof Longbing Cao, has recently been put online by Springer. The book uses the systematological methodology in addressing system complexities in open complex giant systems, for which it may not only be effective to apply reductionism or holism. The book aims to encourage and inspire discussion, design, implementation and reflection of effective methodologies and tools for computing and engineering open complex systems and problems. Researchers, research students and practitioners in complex systems, artificial intelligence, data science, computer science, and even system science, cognitive science, behaviour science, and social science, will find this book invaluable.

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