AAi is organising the annual 2014 Big Data Summit between 14 October and 17 October in Canberra and Sydney. The theme of this year’ssummit is “Innovate, Act and Lead” as Data Science and Big Data Analytics are taking up the challenge to help organisations improve decision making to gain market leadership.
Fundedthrough the Australian Research Council's (ARC) Linkage Projects scheme, the project, in partnership with the ATO, aims to build theoretical breakthroughs and novel tools for deep analytics and active management of non-self-finalising (NSF) individual and business behaviours. NSF behaviours are sophisticated and increasingly seen in public sectors such as taxation and in business, including the banking and insurance sectors. The challenging economic environment continues to make managing NSF behaviours difficult.
The Paper on “Tertiary structure-based prediction of conformational B-cell epitopes through B factors” with lead author, A/P Jinyan Li of AAi has been accepted by the International Society of Computational Biology and was presented at the 22nd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, held on 11-15 July in Boston, USA. Read more here.
AAi honorary visiting student, Marco Rossetti from Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy is an Endeavour Scholarship recipient and had been with the Institute for six months. He shared his views with us and found being a visiting student is an incredible experience.