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Twitter user image for @UTSResearchUTS is a world-class research intensive university with a rapidly growing reputation for its research quality and impact across a wide range of discipline fields. We are committed to practical innovation and to the development of impact-driven research that benefits industry and the broader community, helping shape the world we live in. Our research is divided into six theme areas that are responsive to global research priorities:

Future Services, Industries and Productivity

UTS researchers in areas such as robotics, IT and nano-materials are defining and supporting the next generation of Australian industry and services.

Communication and Intelligent Systems

This theme addresses issues that are fundamental to society, namely how we communicate and share information. Researchers examine new ways to draw insight from oceans of data, understanding and leveraging the communication potential of new media and technologies, design real-time intelligent systems and investigate how regulation can promote the free and ethical flow of information.

Health Futures

UTS experts are providing insight into the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious and other diseases. We’re improving the quality and safety of health care by developing cutting-edge biotechnology and medical devices. By evaluating health systems and services and conducting economic analyses, we’re also improving practices to take health into the future.

Sustainability and the Built Environment

Across areas from climate, water, energy, health to the built environment UTS researchers are working to provide holistic research approaches to environmental issues and policies.

Creative Industries and Civil Societies

This theme draws together researchers from the arts and social sciences, design and the sciences to give a unique perspective on cultures, creative practice, knowledge and learning and cultural change, in particular the impact of technology upon society and the characteristics that effect social cohesion and cultural change and the opportunities for creativity and creative industries.

Business Innovation

This theme draws together world-leading research in fundamental discipline areas such as finance, economics, accounting, marketing and management with innovative cross-disciplinary approaches to the role of business and public policy in addressing key economic, social and environmental problems.

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