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Melligen Cells

Diabetes mellitus is characterised by an abnormality of carbohydrate metabolism resulting in elevated glucose levels in both the blood and the urine.  The failure of the human body to properly metabolise the glucose is caused by defects in insulin secretion. In the absence of treatment diabetes can be fatal, while poorly controlled diabetes leads to the appearance of complications such as diabetic glomerulosclerosis, wherein the kidneys are irreversibly damaged leading to renal failure.

There is an ongoing need to develop alternative and more effective methods of regulating glucose levels in diabetic patients. Researchers at the University of Technology, Sydney have been able to produce a population of cells genetically modified to comprise pancreatic islet glucokinase and capable of producing insulin in a glucose responsive manner. The cells can be useful in a wide variety of applications, in particular in the context of therapeutic and prophylactic regimes directed to the treatment of diabetes and/or the amelioration of symptoms associated with diabetes, based on the transplantation of the cells into mammals.

IP Position: Patent applications are currently pending in Australia, Europe and the United States of America.

UTS Ref: XXX30144

We are actively seeking industry partners interested in licensing and further developing the technology.

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