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UTS is a world-class university with a rapidly growing reputation for its research quality and impact across a wide range of discipline fields. We are committed to practical innovation and the development of research that benefits industry and the broader community; helping shape and improve the world we live in.

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More than 150 companies partner with UTS, sharing their resources and expertise in exchange for leading research outcomes, programs of innovation, development and commercialisation, staff education and access to our best graduates. UTS has Key Technology Partnerships with leading universities in Greater China, India and Europe, and collaborative research in dozens more.

Our physical campus, in the heart of Sydney’s southern CBD, has recently undergone a $1 billion investment in infrastructure to develop a series of new buildings and equipment, to support the delivery of our collaboration- and technology-based model of teaching, and our industry-focused research.

UTS’s world-leading research centres span a range of areas, including health, data science, sustainability, social futures, future work and industry, applied economics, environmental sciences, robotics, civil engineering, microbiology and quantum computation.

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