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Applying to UTS

How to apply

The information on this page is for domestic students only. If you are an international student please apply from the international student section. If you are a visiting research student please apply from the visiting research student section.

1. Application deadlines

Note: not all faculties offer a spring intake for research degrees. Please check with the relevant faculty for more information.

Spring session 2016: 31 May 2016

Autumn session 2017: 31 October 2016

2. Getting ready to apply

Check your eligibility

Check that you meet the eligibility criteria for admission to a research degree at UTS. This information can be found in the UTS admissions policy and the relevant course entry in the UTS online handbook. Please note that individual faculties may also have their own specific requirements for admission to research degrees.

Find a research area

There are thirty research strengths at UTS, located across seven faculties and one institute. Before you apply, you should investigate the broad range of research activities and projects that researchers are currently engaged in at UTS.

Think about a scholarship

The Graduate Research School has information about research scholarships that are available to support local students studying Masters by Research and Doctoral programs at UTS. In addition to the scholarships managed by the Graduate Research School, some of the individual faculties, institutes and centres run scholarship programs specifically for their own research students, and others may also be offered by external organisations.

Prepare your academic referee reports

You will need to supply academic references when you submit your application, so please download the academic referee report (PDF, 83kB). You need to fill out the applicant details section yourself and then forward the report from to your academic referees to complete the remainder of the form. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your referees return the reports to the Graduate Research School to complete your application.

3. Faculty requirements

Complete any faculty pre-assessment requirements

Some faculties have a pre-assessment stage to the application process. If your proposed area of research falls into any of the following faculties, you are required to complete a pre-assessment form.

Find a potential supervisor

It is important that you find a potential supervisor for your proposed area of research. You can begin your search by using the Find a Supervisor database or by contacting the relevant faculty or institute, who can also tell you about any additional information that will need to accompany your application for a research degree.

Develop your research proposal

Once you have found a potential supervisor in the faculty, you will need to develop a plan of your proposed research.

The requirements for this research plan or proposal vary for research degrees in each faculty.

All other faculties will require a research proposal. For more information please refer to our advice on how to prepare a research proposal.

4. Lodging the application

Once you have chosen your course, please read the application guidelines (PDF, 583kB) and complete the application form (PDF, 183kB) and submit this along with your academic referee report (PDF, 84kB) and any other supporting documentation to the Graduate Research School by the deadlines:

By post:

The Graduate Research School
UTS International
PO Box 123
Broadway NSW 2007

In person:

The Graduate Research School
Level 7, Building 1
15 Broadway, Ultimo 2007

If you have a disability or ongoing medical conditions and you are applying for a scholarship (Autumn session intake only) you may also like to complete the special consideration application form (PDF, 75kB).

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application approximately one week after your application is received by UTS.

The Graduate Research School will advise you the outcome of your application in writing in approximately 4–6 weeks.

5. Accepting an offer

If you meet all UTS requirements, you will receive a letter of offer to study at UTS.

You will then need to accept your UTS offer.