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accessUTS provides expert opinion services to assist legal firms and law enforcement agencies seeking guidance or support for arguments in court, or for organisations seeking support with dispute resolution issues. Our academics specialise in a range of traditional and niche fields and provide frank and independent advice based on research and practical experience. UTS is fast achieving a reputation as an applied research university and we are proud to provide experts who are recognised nationally and internationally as leaders in their disciplines.


These include: engineering, including materials testing and failure -- materials science and metallurgy -- occupational health and safety, including accident reviews -- design and construction -- forensic science, such as fire analysis -- chemistry, including drug and food analysis -- information technology, including software tracking -- software development, analysis and applicability.

How can you benefit?

Clients seeking advice and expertise through accessUTS’s Expert Opinion Services will be paired with a dedicated project manager who will assist with the sourcing of an appropriate expert and will also provide contract and project management services throughout the engagement. Our experts have previously provided expert testimony in a range of applied fields. If your organisation is involved in a dispute or requires independent expert testimony, the provision of advice from an accessUTS expert can assist in contesting your case. Clients can be confident that the expert testimony they require will be supported by academic rigour and provided by a specialist with a proven track record in the relevant field.


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Organisations or individuals requiring expert testimony should contact an accessUTS Project Manager on any of the following numbers 02 9514 1916, 02 9514 1435, 02 9514 9236 or email accessuts@uts.edu.au