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accessUTS Pty Ltd is the wholly owned consulting arm of the University. We provide a range of consulting services for business, industry, government and community organisations seeking independent expertise. Our consultants, selected from across UTS’s seven faculties and twenty-eight schools, are known for producing industry-relevant research that can be applied in a range of real world scenarios. Consultants work closely with accessUTS clients to provide academic expertise that helps organisations solve problems and enhance their business capabilities. We also provide access to UTS facilities and expertise in the areas of product testing and laboratory analysis.

Our academics specialise in a range of traditional and niche fields, including nursing and midwifery, hydrological science, civil and environmental engineering, materials science, database applications and analysis of computer and software technologies.


How can you benefit from accessUTS Consulting Services?

Cutting-edge research, objective and independent analysis and cross- or multi-disciplinary collaboration are the major benefits of engaging with accessUTS. Our professional team of project managers can connect your organisation to the right expertise and services drawn from across all UTS faculties and schools.

As a world leading university of technology with a focus on practice-oriented learning, our consultants’ academic qualifications and intellectual rigour is supported by practical experience and real world understanding.

accessUTS is able to provide consultant expertise from almost 500 academics and researchers. All of our consultants are at the forefront of their professions and actively engaged as researchers in their fields.


Get started with us

Please contact an accessUTS Project Manager on any of the following numbers 02 9514 1916, 02 9514 1435, 02 9514 9236 or email accessuts@uts.edu.au