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Today's workplace faces complex influences that have, and will continue to cause change. UTS is uniquely positioned to engage with these changes in the delivery of our courses, thanks to close partnerships with industry and private and government sectors. Our short courses reflect the real world and provide the professional skills your business needs in its staff.


Our courses are taught by UTS academics, UTS adjuncts and visiting fellows from industry, providing superior teaching and learning across all faculties of UTS. In most cases the lecturers will be PhD qualified, with sector and market experience.

Course duration

Duration of a short course can vary, ranging from one or two days, to several months. They may be held on weekdays, evenings or weekends.


Courses can be taught on campus at UTS in high quality executive education venues or UTS can run short courses in-house for groups of staff at your organisation. Assessment and Workplace Training short courses are especially popular with medium to large enterprises. In-house courses can be drawn from UTS off the shelf training modules, and developed in partnership, to meet your organisation's needs and business goals.

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Customised short courses

UTS also has extensive experience in customising short courses for corporate delivery, focusing on flexible-training solutions. We identify specific organisational learning needs that link to business goals, then design and develop flexible learning and assessment strategies that meet the outcomes specified.

Assessment and articulation

UTS strengths in work-based learning and adult education can improve your organisation.

We are able to:

  • Develop appropriate assessment - linked to learning strategies - that validate the achievement of outcomes
  • Apply a wide range of UTS recognition processes for the learning gained in short courses.

For some short courses, participants are offered competency-based assessment as part of the National Framework for Recognition of Training. They can obtain nationally recognised vocational qualifications through accessUTS Pty Limited.

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