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Hire information


The UTS does not have any accommodation facilities available for hire on or off any of our Campuses.


Male, female and disabled amenities are located throughout all our buildings. Please check their exact locations on signage in the building, on the floor plans or with UTS: Facilities Hire staff.


As UTS have so many venues available for hire and a number of events running each day we are not always on site to assist you during your event. UTS: Facilities Hire staff are on Campus on Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm should they be required. Outside of these hours please contact our Security Staff who are more than happy to assist.

Audio-Visual (AV)

Please request any AV requirements you may need for your event a minimum of two weeks prior to the event date to UTS: Facilities Hire. This time frame allows us to ensure that we have the equipment available and can meet your requirements. Some of our venues have fixed AV facilities and others require portable equipment. We do our best to accommodate you in a venue that has fixed equipment, however, regardless of whether it is fixed or portable charges apply – so please ask UTS: Facilities Hire for a quote. Once you have agreed on your requirements and signed off on the quote for your event you will be provided with login details to access the AV system if it’s required.

UTS can provide an audio-visual operator on a fee for service basis – please ask UTS: Facilities Hire for a quote. We do not allow external AV operators to work in our venues without one of our own operators present.


Banners are permitted on Campus for the purpose of dressing for an event once the banner and location have been approved by UTS: Facilities Hire staff. We do not allow Event Advertising Banners to be hung.

‘Bump – In’

Please ensure that you have allowed enough time in your venue booking for “bump in” and “bump-out”. Arrangements for early access and event set-up (‘bump-in’) are to be made through the UTS: Facilities Hire. The University does not have storage space and are unable to accept deliveries or pick ups on a clients behalf.


The University may deny an application for hire, or may cancel a previously approved application without notice if extraordinary or unusual circumstances warrant such action. If the booking has been cancelled through no fault of the hirer, every attempt will be made to find an alternate venue. The University also reserves the right to refuse the hire of facilities to any applicant without assigning any reason for such refusal.

Should a client choose to cancel their event, cancellation fees may apply.


The UTS does not allow the use of candles or smoke machines in our venues for fire safety reasons.

Car Parking

Broadway - The UTS does not have any free parking available on this campus. Please ask UTS: Facilities Hire staff for a list of parking stations in the area


Please ask the UTS: Facilities Hire staff for a list of our preferred caterers.


Most Events will incur a cleaning fee. The amount will be determined by the number of people attending and the hours your event will run. Should you require specific cleaning prior to an event you will be advised by our UTS: Facilities Hire staff and a quote will be prepared for you.


Prior to leaving the campus, it is the responsibility of the hirer that they ensure all furniture has been returned to the set up it was found in and all signs and banners are removed. Any equipment that needs to be returned to AVS (Audio Visual Services) or Security is taken back as agreed.


Please note that the elevators in our buildings can be quite sensitive to weight overload restrictions. We recommend that you adhere to the weight restrictions which are written clearly in each elevator before loading them.


In the event of an emergency, call 000 for Police, Fire and Ambulance. Please also contact our security office on  02 9514 1192 or dial “6” from any internal telephone.

Evacuation Procedures

All Evacuation procedures are clearly displayed throughout our buildings. Please contact Security if there is a problem. Please take the time to view the “Escape From UTS” Evacuation Movie, which explains all the procedures in the case of an emergency.  http://www.fmu.uts.edu.au/security/emergencies/escape.html

Fire Doors (Exits)

Doors marked as fire exits are not to be blocked either internally or externally. In many cases these doors are on automated locks, which will open in the case of an emergency.

Fireworks (pyrotechnics)

The use of fireworks, pyrotechnics or other prepared explosives is not permitted on Campus.

First Aid

All our securitystaff have first aid qualifications and should be contacted in the case of an emergency.


UTS can provide floor plans for any of our venues if required. If you need further information please contact UTS: Facilities Hire.


The hirer is to provide all insurances. Refer to the UTS: Facilities Hire Terms & Conditions document.


An invoice will be forwarded to you once UTS: Facilities Hire has received your signed paperwork accepting the “Provisional Offer” and “Terms & Conditions of Hire”. Payment is required in full when Facilities Hire is confident no more changes will be made.

Photocopy Service

UTS: Facilities Hire are unable to offer a photocopy service for our clients.

Provisional Offer

The UTS will send you a written “Provisional Offer” along with a copy of our Terms & Conditions of hire documentBoth of these documents must be signed and returned to UTS: Facilities in order to confirm a booking request. Once your signed documentation has been received your event has been confirmed. We suggest that you contact UTS: Facilities Hire after forwarding your signed paperwork to ensure that it has been received.


Broadway - Our Security office is located on the ground floor of the main Tower Building (Building 1) on the right hand side inside the main entry doors off Broadway. The contact phone numbers for the Security Office are 02 9514 1192 or “6” on an internal phone.

Depending upon the nature of your event, the time it is being held and the location of the event you may be required to pay for a security guard. Please discuss any security charges that may be applicable with our UTS: Facilities Hire staff.

Tables & Chairs

Trestle Tables & chairs are available for hire upon request. Please note that we do not offer table cloths or skirting however many caterers can offer this service.