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Leadership in sustainabillity

Leading by example

Cultivating sustainability values in our students and staff and demonstrating leadership in our research, learning, campus operations and community collaboration.

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Sustainability at UTS

Responding to environmental, social and economic challenges by setting goals, finding solutions and taking action.

Our commitments

Our policy

Our strategy

Our targets

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Sustainable buildings

Social Justice

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Research centres

Delivering real impact research for the environment, society and industry using practical, innovative and trans-disciplinary approaches.

Institute for Sustainable Futures

Creating change towards sustainable futures by conducting independent project-based research for Australian and international clients.

Centre for Clean Energy Technology

Focusing on the development of efficient devices for energy harvesting, storage, and conversion.

Centre for Technology in Water and Wastewater

Specialising in the field of alternative water sources, focusing on the development of innovative technologies for recycled, desalinated and harvested storm water.

Centre for Compassionate Conservation

Focusing on research projects that fill gaps in knowledge and have a practical focus on improving welfare outcomes for wildlife.

Climate Change Cluster

Delivering impactful research to inform solutions to mitigate climate change impacts on our plant-microbe ecosystems.

Materials and Technology for Energy Efficiency

Conducting multidisciplinary research in materials physics at the nanoscale with the aim of developing future generation energy efficient devices and materials for sensing, lighting and bio-imaging applications.


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Partnering with the community to create a just, sustainable future.

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