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Leadership in sustainabillity


UTS is committed to purchasing environmentally and socially responsible products and services. We strive to:

  • Reduce demand and avoid unnecessary procurement
  • Source environmentally and socially responsible products and services
  • Assess the sustainability of suppliers
  • Work collaboratively with suppliers to source greener products
  • Consider whole-of-life impacts.

Staff needing assistance with sustainable procurement should contact UTS strategic procurement.

What you can do

  • Choose green stationary products such as items with recycled content, non-toxic, recycled paper, etc. On campus the ActivateUTS stationary outlets have a wide range.
  • Choose pre-loved books from the UTS Students' Association Second Hand Text Bookshop – save money, trees, and help reduce waste. 

  • Look for local, organic and/or Fairtrade food from campus suppliers including the Broadway Food Co-op and ActivateUTS.
  • Look for eco-labels such as Good Environmental Choice Australia.
  • Avoid styrofoam packaging for take-away food and drinks.
  • Consider borrowing, renting or sharing items you only need occasionaly.

Running an event?

See our green event guides:

The Australian Centre for Event Management (ACEM) in the UTS Faculty of Business also have a range of resources to help run more sustainable events.