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Leadership in sustainabillity

Campus operations

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At UTS we strive to continually improve our sustainability performance.

Greenhouse – 30% reduction target below 2007 levels by 2020/21, among the most ambitious of any Australian University.

Energy saving - to help achieve our greenhouse target, a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives are underway.

Waste – target 80% waste diversion from landfill to recycling (including construction waste).

Water - target reduced consumption every year, so far we have reduced water consumption 26% over the past 9 years.

Transport – UTS is well serviced with public transport including Central Station, Broadway bus interchange and light rail. We also have ample cycling facilities, carpooling and a free shuttle bus service.

IT and computing – as a university of technology, IT is a big issue and we have a range of initiatives underway including energy saving software, automation systems, sustainable procurement guidelines, and recycling at end of life.

Procurement – sustainability guidelines for the purchase of goods and services help limit unnecessary purchasing, reduce environmental impacts and minimise waste.  

Buildings and facilities – building managers use integrated building management systems to reduce waste and optimize efficiency.

Food – ActivateUTS operate many food outlets on campus and have sustainable procurement guidelines. The Broadway Food Coop is a great place to buy organic and local produce on campus, and UTS Housing grow their own vegies on roof top gardens.

Campus Master Plan – this 10 year, $1 billion program of building upgrades features climate responsive design, sustainability performance displays, bike hubs, roof top gardens, sustainable energy generation, rainwater capture, sustainable furnishings and more.

Special projects – at any one time numerous special projects are underway to trial technologies or develop better systems, and to help foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Sustainability audits – UTS Green can help different schools and units across the university conduct a sustainability audit of their section. For more details contact UTS Green