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UTS Child Care Inc. (UTSCC) is a non-profit service that manages two child care centres on or near the campuses of UTS. Centres are located at Chippendale and Ultimo. We provide education and care for children prior to school. 

The centres aim to provide high quality, affordable services which meet the particular child care needs of the university community, the ABC and the local community. Access to child care services is open to all staff and students as well as members of the local community.

UTSCC is an incorporated association set up by UTS to operate and manage the child care services at the university.  While it is associated with the university and some land and buildings used for child care are the property of the university, UTSCC is a separate legal entity from UTS. The centres are operated as non-profit services managed by a board comprising representatives from the university, the Students’ Association, UTS Union, as well as a representative of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and parent representatives from each of the centres. The board takes the legal responsibility for the operation of all UTSCC services, and guides the operations of those services.

UTSCC receives funding and support from UTS, the University Union, the ABC, City of Sydney Council and the NSW State Government.

Please direct any enrolment enquiries to the centre most accessible to you.


Educational program

Our educational program is based on the National Early Years Learning Framework, which guides our practice through its focus on the concepts of children ‘being’, ‘belonging’ and ‘becoming’. A qualified Early Childhood Teacher and Diploma-trained staff member will plan and deliver, with the assistance of skilled and experienced childcare workers, the educational program that will foster your child’s learning, communication skills and social relationships with others. 

Our environment plays a large role in guiding children’s learning by offering choice, independence and freedom in exploring natural materials and settings. Children develop self-esteem, self-expression, confidence and social competence through play.   

UTS Child Care Centres operate with an excellent ratio of children to staff that exceeds minimum legislated requirements. This assists staff in the delivery of the high quality education and care program. We provide our staff with opportunities for ongoing professional training and development, as well as study leave, to assist them in gaining further Early Childhood qualifications.

Parents play an important role in the service and their involvement is encouraged. 


Contact us

All correspondence should be addressed to:

UTS Child Care Inc
PO Box 123
Broadway NSW 2007

Blackfriars Children’s Centre

4-12 Buckland St
Chippendale NSW 2008
Ph: 9514 2959
Fax: 9514 2961

Magic Pudding Child Care Centre

1 McKee St
Ultimo NSW 2007
Ph:  8289 8401
Fax: 9211 4394