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Magic Pudding

Magic Pudding Child Care Centre is located at 1 McKee St Ultimo, just 400m from the main Broadway campus of UTS.

Ages0-5 years
Enrolmentfull and part-time
Opening hours8.00am - 6.00pm
 50 weeks a year, excluding public holidays

Enrolment and fees

Centre philosophy

Magic Pudding operates under the UTSCC mission statement which aspires to ensure "The provision of affordable high quality children's services that meet the needs of the UTS community."

It is our belief that the centre operates as a result of communication and respectful interactions between staff, children, families and the local community, and as such;

In relation to children, we believe;

  • each child is a valued member of the Magic Pudding Child Care Centre community and have a voice within that community
  • children are also members of a  family and cultural community and staff respect this when communicating with and planning for individuals
  • children are active decision makers; and their learning and exploration is made visible within the centre
  • children’s play is a context through which they learn; making sense of their physical and social worlds by engaging actively with people and materials.
  • children’s choices are respected and acted upon in all aspects of their day
  • children’s rights and dignity are maintained at all times
  • have the right to feel safe and secure through positive relationships with staff where their emotional and physical needs are met

In relation to families, we believe;

  • families come in different forms, with differing and individual goals, needs and expectations for their children and of the centre
  • they provide a valuable and expert knowledge of their child
  • we will maintain open and positive channels of communication with families, and that respect forms the basis for strong relationships and partnerships
  • we will respect each families choice to be involved in the centre at a level they feel comfortable with
  • we value families’ input into the centre and the program, and will involve them in as many ways as possible or appropriate

In relation to staff, we believe;

  • all staff at the centre are professional early childhood educators who have a high expectation of children’s abilities and potential, and as a result provide experiences and interactions that are intentional and relevant 
  • staff bring differing levels of knowledge and expertise to the centre either through their training or experience working within the early childhood profession
  • staff play a valuable role in building and maintaining positive relationships with children, families and each other
  • staff will be supported in their professional development through their attendance at further training and in-service, and the provision of study leave
  • staff have the right to work in an environment which is safe, comfortable and pleasant, and values their training, skills and cultural background
  • staff will be provided with adequate resources to provide a high quality program

In relation to the community, we believe:

  • the centre provides a valued service to both the UTS and local community through the provision of high quality education and care
  • the communities children, families and staff belong to outside of Magic Pudding are acknowledged and reflected in the centre’s program
  • in order to strengthen the centre’s education program links are made with the local community through excursions, incursions and building of  networks




Contact us

Centre Director: Sally Beesley
Location: 1 McKee St, Ultimo NSW 2007
Postal address: PO Box 123, Broadway, NSW 2007
Email: magic.pudding@uts.edu.au
Phone: 8289 8400
Fax: 9211 4394