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The UTS Strategic Plan recognises that we operate in a global environment. People, knowledge and resources now move freely across borders.

UTS actively embraces the exciting opportunities the global market offers, and is committed to internationalisation. UTS integrates inter-cultural and global perspectives into every facet of university life.

On a practical level this involves:

  • Building a strong network of strategic partnerships around the world
  • Leveraging our research through international research collaboration and joint research training
  • Internationalising the curriculum and building the intercultural capabilities of our students and staff
  • Improving the student experience by providing opportunities for all students to gain some international and intercultural experience during their degree program
  • Improving the campus experience of our international students
  • Encouraging international service that contributes to the global community.

For detailed information about UTS's commitment to Internationalisation, see the UTS Internationalisation Strategy.