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KTP VF Stories: Wendy Moncur from Dundee University

26 March 2015

Wendy MoncurProfessor Wendy Moncur (opens an external site) from Dundee University (opens an external site) participated in our inbound KTP Visiting Fellow program in September 2014. Wendy is a leader in socio-disciplinary interaction at the University of Dundee and her area of research focuses on transitions in the human lifespan and the design and use of technology to support human life in the Digital Age.

During her four weeks at UTS, Wendy collaborated with Dr Elise Van den Hoven from the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building. Their research project “Materialising Memories”, focuses on the design of technology which will allow individuals to relive memories and support remembering. Wendy attended and delivered seminars and public lectures. She also hosted workshops for second year students.

Elise and Wendy are also working on two additional projects titled “Diaspora” and “Designing Hybrid Keepsakes”. They are applying for joint funding via the Nuffield Foundation and Microsoft.

Wendy said the visit has allowed for precious face-to-face communication with Elise to further develop the areas of their research. This also allowed them to move beyond individual researcher-to-researcher collaboration and build institutional research linkages.

“We had a really good time working out new research ideas and research proposals and putting them together. Also extending plans beyond just individual research collaborations to something larger and more significant between UTS and Dundee,” Wendy said. 

Wendy also connected with Associate Professor Roger Dunston (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) to explore areas of mutual research interest. Professor Roger Dunston had previously hosted Professor Thilo Kroll, another KTP Visiting Fellow from Dundee University.

To further cement their research, Elise and Wendy are pursuing opportunities to jointly supervise PhD students. They have already started co-supervising their first joint doctoral student, Daniel Herron. Daniel is the first student to be enrolled in the Dundee-UTS joint doctoral degree program.