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How to apply for the KTP Visiting Fellow Program

Applications for 2018 (Round 1) are now open and will close on 15 September 2017. 

How to apply

Step 1: Understand the Program’s objectives and expectations. Read the KTP Visiting Fellow program’s Eligibility Criteria (PDF, 215kB) and Guidelines (PDF, 424kB).

Step 2: If you are a UTS academic, identify an academic counterpart at one of our KTP partner institutions who shares similar research interests. If you are a KTP academic, identify a UTS counterpart. If you need help with this process, please contact our KTP team.

Step 3: Discuss your research interests and identify opportunities for collaboration.

Step 4: Define your research project topic, outline the planned outcomes of your visit, and agree on the content of the Application.

Step 5: The UTS host academic submits a complete application online by 15 September 2017. Preview the application form and prepare neccessary documents.

Step 6: Once the application has been submitted online, print and sign on the form, and submit a copy of the signed application to the KTP team by email or internal mail.


  • Both signatures from the UTS host academic and the relevant UTS Faculty Dean are required; only applications endorsed by the Faculty will be assessed
  • Endorsement from the DVC (Research) is not required at the point of application; the KTP team will seek the endorsement from the DVC (Research) for all successful applications

Selection criteria

The application should address the following selection criteria:

  • alignment of planned outputs with the program’s objectives and expectations
  • evidence that the research collaboration has been thoroughly planned
  • visiting fellow’s research career and achievements
  • alignment with UTS’s research theme areas

Applications from early to mid-career academics are strongly encouraged.

Please read the Eligibility Criteria (PDF, 215kB) and the tips for a successful KTP Visiting Fellow Application.

Selection process

The DVC (Research) will consider all nominations and make funding decisions based on the:

(i) suitability of candidates against the selection criteria; and

(ii) available budget

Once the DVC (Research) has approved the nomination, the KTP team will liaise with the Human Resources Unit to facilitate an invitation letter so that the Visiting Fellow can apply for their visa. The visiting period should commence within the same calendar year.

Please note that applications for the Distinguished Visiting Scholar and KTP Visiting Fellow (KTP-VF) Programs are considered simultaneously by the same Review Committee. Assessment of applications runs across both programs. If you have received funding to participate in DVS or KTP-VF programs in the past, please ensure that you outline all outputs from previous funded visits and list them on your application.

Key dates

The key dates for the 2018 (round 1) applications are:

  • Applications open: 1 August 2017
  • Applications close: 15 September 2017
  • Results announcement: 27 October 2017
  • Visits to take place between February and November 2018 

Please avoid planning visits in December, as it is the time in the year when the wider UTS academic community tends to be on leave, which makes the objective of broadening connections much more difficult to achieve.

Tips for a successful application

  • Prepare a detailed application and plan realistic outputs
  • Focus your research topic to reflect your planned research collaboration. Clearly outline what the research is intending to resolve
  • Include a detailed summary of the proposed activities to be conducted while at UTS.  You should organise your proposal into planned outputs/outcomes, actions and timeframes. Applications are measured on their degree of detail, thoroughness and anticipated outputs
  • Demonstrate that your research is aligned with UTS’s research focus areas and that the research area complements mutual research strengths of UTS and the KTP
  • Add the titles or topics of your planned joint publications
  • Identify options to seek external funding relevant to your research project. Applications with names of any funding sources already identified and/or current funding applications will be looked upon favourably
  • Identify opportunities for co-supervision of research students. Please include names of any identified HDR students you are intending to co-supervise
  • Demonstrate how you can contribute to the development of UTS Higher Degree Research students
  • Provide evidence of your intention to broaden the scope of collaboration with other academics at UTS and the KTP, especially early and mid-career researchers. Include names and faculties of all academics who will be potentially involved in this collaboration. The Host Academic is expected to demonstrate ability and willingness to build wider collaboration cross-institutionally and at the faculty level. One of the KTP Program’s objectives is to strengthen institution-to-institution partnerships rather than only focusing on single researcher to researcher connections
  • Include the topics and audience(s) of planned seminars, workshops and meetings
  • Provide evidence of qualification of the visiting researcher and quality of their research
  • All Visiting Fellows must be able to communicate effectively in English and present at least one seminar open to UTS students and/or academics
  • If you are aligned with a Joint Research Centre (JRC) either through membership of a research strength or other affiliation, you will need to specify why the visit is not being funded under the JRC
  • If you have an existing research collaboration with the proposed visiting scholar, you will be asked to outline why the visit is necessary 

Notes for previous Visiting Fellow program participants

  • If you have participated in the Inbound KTP Visiting Fellow program as a Host Academic before, ensure that your previous visit has produced substantial outputs and list them on your application
  • If the Host Academic has participated in a Visiting Fellow program offered by any of our KTPs (outbound), ensure that you have demonstrated substantial outputs as a result of your visit

You will be asked to outline the joint publications, joint research grant funding, joint supervision of Higher Degree Research Students, and/or development of connections with other academics at UTS or KTP that resulted from your participation in the KTP Visiting Fellow program (inbound or outbound).