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July 2017

An augmented reality app that scans Post-It notes directly into project management tools took out the winning $5,000 prize at the UTS Hatchery+ Demo Day. Read the full story on the third cohort to graduate from the Hatchery+ accelerator program.

December 2016

The finalists of the inaugural She Starts seed funding and accelerator rounds were announced on December 8 with ten women receiving one $100 thousand dollars each, as well as a place in the Australian chapter of the She Starts accelerator program.
Winner of the $2000 UTS Hatchery+ Demo Day prize was Tekuma, a team that is set to revolutionise the drone industry. Read the full story by Frances Morgan about the second cohort to graduate from the start up accelerator.

November 2016

Sprout Kitchen, a start up in the UTS accelerator Hatchery+ which rents out underutilised café and restaurant kitchen space, picked up the prestigious Foodbytes Sydney Judges Award presented to them by the King and Queen of the Netherlands

October 2016

SheStarts initiative leading the way for inclusive leadership and creating companies where all staff thrive and drive innovation ...
Future Islands the New Zealand entry in the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale--led by UTS's Professor of Innovation and Creative Intelligence Charles Walker--awarded wins ‘Gold Pin’ at the Designer’s Institute of New Zealand Best Awards.

July 2016

The stumbling blocks were everywhere for UTS Bachelor of Business students Rabieh El kadi and Cameron Muller, but at last they have traction for their sim card startup FindMyPlan.

June 2016

On the surface the story of Presumi seems to fit the "overnight success" scenario, but exactly how long does it take for a business to magically appear?

May 2016

The Hatchery+ (startup accelerator program) participant, Leah Callon Butler, has launched a service to match business development managers who need flexible working arrangements with employers.
UTS is powering up student-founded startups with its new Hatchery and Hatchery+ incubator programs.
Can design for the common good and large-scale collaboration be the key to social impact innovation?

April 2016

Launched by Vice-Chancellor Professor Attila Brungs, the Hatchery+ gives participants access to a co-working space and the support of mentors in taking a venture to the next level.
With long hours of toil already behind them developing their venture getFoodi, Adam Love and Johnson Su hope to iron out some of their remaining challenges taking part in Hatchery+
PhD candidate Catherine Raffaele explains how teaching students to fail and learn from their mistakes will lead to more entrepreneurs, and more successful entrepreneurs.

March 2016

UTS Hatchery – now beginning its second year – is building the muscles of young entrepreneurs.
Australia has a vastly changing technological landscape and because of this challenges are placed on teachers to support young people in creating their own futures.
Located at 622 Harris Street, Building 15 is HQ for the Hatchery, the Design Innovation Research Centre and the Innovation and Creative Intelligence Unit, as well as a whole new way of thinking.

February 2016

In a school world often focussed on assessment and exams, Riverside Girls High School students were let loose to experiment when they recently spent a day at the UTS Hatchery.

November 2015

A new plan, focusing on student innovation and entrepreneurship and opening up UTS's cutting-edge facilities and resources to startups and the community, has been launched by UTS Vice Chancellor, Professor Attila Brungs.