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Creative Clusters

Can you imagine the future of journalism?

The media is in transition. Barely a day goes by without a hack, workshop or conference held to discover the future of journalism. In truth, journalism has many futures and most will involve journos, tech-heads, biz-oids and many other partners working together to find them. It’s certainly going to take longer than a day.  

But you have to start somewhere - that's why we're inviting you to take part in two unique free opportunities, presented by UTS Centre for Media Transition and UTS New Labs: Media. 

You bring the ideas, creativity and experience. We bring the facilitator, the provocateur and the themes.

Together we'll unlock and unravel what the future of journalism might look like.

Jeff Jarvis's Journalism Jam

On 26 July 2017 we were very excited to welcome City University New York’s Jeff Jarvis - journalist, professor and Open Web advocate - to introduce a half day intensive 'Journalism Jam' to explore media's varied futures.

Themes included:

Exposing the Dark Web: The Dark web is where many media manipulation plans have been hatched. How do we keep track of what is cooking on the dark web and get ahead of it?

Popping the filter bubble: Social media allows us to live in an echo chamber, only hearing the opinions that validates our world view. How can we allow people to find information they are not looking for? How to we create the natural serendipity of newspapers online?

Gamifying for Truth: It has been said that we are living in a ‘post truth world’ but how can we gain some kind of grip on what is true and what is designed purely for manipulation?

Building new standards for trust: Our media institutions and the larger media ecosystem are facing corroding public trust. How do we address this? How does the media become more equitable, inclusive, reflective and accountable?

Puberty News: tackling media literacy in teens and pre-teens: Thanks to social media the public is no longer just the audience: they are also the broadcasters. How do we make sure that we ‘as broadcasters’ act in a safe and ethical manner? How do we evaluate the news we consume?

New ways of funding journalism: We are in a paradoxical situation where our need for well funded investigative journalism is at a high just when the funding for that type of journalism is at an all time low. How can we create a new sustainable business model?

Journalism PLUS commencing 8 August 2017

The third iteration of the Creative Cluster program is Journalism PLUS.

UTS Creative Clusters is an experimental collaboration program bringing together storytellers, academics, technologists, students, artists, staff, dreamers and makers to explore new approaches to creative innovation and creative practice.

In 2016 the Creative Cluster program focussed on two emerging technological platforms: virtual reality and blockchain.

In 2017 we are looking at the future of journalism in conjunction with our partners: the newly established UTS Centre for Media Transition.

Over 6 weeks, participants will build upon the themes and ideas explored in the Jeff Jarvis Journalism Jam. They will imagine, experiment, test and iterate solutions to the wicked problems facing the future of journalism.


    Applications have now CLOSED.

    For further information email: icievents@uts.edu.au.

    Last updated: 7 August 2017