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At UTS, we are drawing together world leading research into creative industries, creative practice, design thinking, business innovation and new technologies. 

Design Innovation Research Centre

The Design Innovation research centre (DI:rc) is a transdisciplinary centre located at UTS. Our team is focused on the development of innovative, design-oriented research with the potential to transform the companies we work for and the cities in which we live. Given our transdisciplinary focus we do not reside within a faculty but form part of the UTS Creative Intelligence Strategy.

Established in 2014, DI:rc provides niche expertise in the integration of design-led methodologies and tools with traditional business practice. Our researchers are internationally recognised as experts in the disciplines of frame creation and design-led innovation.

DI:rc is a wholly public-facing entity that exists to create positive change in business, social and environmental contexts. Our researchers work broadly with industry, sharing our design-led approach with a wide range of academic, public and private sector partners.

Designing Out Crime Research Centre (DOC)

Established in 2009 as a joint initiative between the NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice and UTS, the Designing Out Crime research centre (DOC) has become internationally recognised as a leader in innovative, creative and socially responsive design.

DOC applies a design thinking approach to find solutions to problems that have proved impossible to solve. DOC uses design research methods to explore problems and obtain an in-depth understanding of factors contributing to crime in specific problem situations. This research is then used to widen the problem context and create new frames. Reframing a problem context allows for totally new solution scenarios to be developed. DOC tests these solutions for validity, integrating them in to the problem context. Through this process, DOC creates new solutions to old problems. These solutions can be physical product based, but can also be system or policy based.