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Creatives Get Cooperative

Collaboration, autonomy, transparency, diversity, entrepreneurialism, non-hierarchy ...

UTS ICI is getting behind this VIVID double bill event put together by Mercury Cooperative by supporting the seminar and workshop lead by the creative minds from Enspiral, the New Zealand based innovative social experimental network.

Vivid Ideas Exchange Seminar: June 4
An interactive panel of experts will explore

  • Community investment, community shares and crowd equity
  • Market opportunity for creative cooperative business and social enterprise
  • Sustainable cooperative ownership and management
  • Commons and P2P concepts and alternative economies
  • Language of Sharing and marketing

Book tickets via the Vivid website

Creatived Get Cooperative Workshop: June 5

A practical challenge for practitioners, arts management, creative innovators and Government policy makers to embrace community ownership of creative assets exploring:

  • Culture
  • Experimental and Open Source
  • Governance and Finance
  • Focused on outcome development

The Workshop will be facilitated by Joshua Vials Founding CEO of Enspiral

Enspiral is a global network of entrepreneurs and start-ups working on stuff that matters. Enspiral lives in high-trust, personal relationships. Principles of collaboration, autonomy, transparency and diversity and the processes, agreements and culture form the foundation of the network. A cooperative in structure, Enspiral has quickly become one of the world's pioneers in new ways to organise work. Enspiral and other participants will share their experiences and experiments to form sustainable cooperative and collaborative ventures.


4 - 5 June 2017
12:00 pm - 4:00 am
June 4 seminar


Off campus