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Currently a seedling with the goal of growing into an ever-green commons where creative citizens are free to roam The Innovatory has bites and morsels from the labs, masterclasses and talks curated and hosted by ICI

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UTS Entrepreneurship front door

A new dedicated microsite which aggregates all of the opportunities and activities at UTS that are focused on entrepreneurship is live and ready to explore ...


UTS ICI The Hatchery

Creating the entrepreneurs of the future

The Hatchery is a hybrid practitioner-led program with input from academics and industry leaders in innovation preparing UTS students for the world of lean start ups and beyond ...

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Emma  Poposka and Anna Wright She Starts Finalists
The finalists of the inaugural She Starts seed funding and accelerator rounds were announced on December 8 with ten women receiving one $100 thousand dollars each, as well as a place in the Australian chapter of the She Starts accelerator program.
UTS ICI Hatchery Demo Day
Winner of the $2000 UTS Hatchery+ Demo Day prize was Tekuma, a team that is set to revolutionise the drone industry. Read the full story by Frances Morgan about the second cohort to graduate from the start up accelerator.
UTS ICI News Hatchery Plus Sprouts big win
Sprout Kitchen, a start up in the UTS accelerator Hatchery+ which rents out underutilised café and restaurant kitchen space, picked up the prestigious Foodbytes Sydney Judges Award presented to them by the King and Queen of the Netherlands



UTS IECI Steampunk Girls


An educational program that advocates for young women, aged 12-16, to create their own counter culture ... GO >

Beautiful Minds

Intimate talks with progressive global thought leaders who share their ideas and passion projects ...  GO >

Creative Clusters

A place to connect with likeminded folk to explore, experiment and test emerging technologies ... GO >

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Labs, Masterclasses and Panels

Interrogating the latest ideas and thoughts at the intersections and boundaries of creative innovation ... GO >

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