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Building 2 to close ahead of its transformation

June 2016
Building 2 will close on 30 June 2016, to allow preparation work to begin for its transformation into a revitalised hub for students and cross-faculty research.
To help staff, students and visitors to our campus understand the project and what to expect, answers to frequently asked questions are provided below.

What, why and when

What's happening?

The proposed design for a new Building 2 has been submitted as part of a development application for the UTS Central project, and consists of a 16-level building incorporating a range of high-tech collaborative spaces to further enhance UTS’s impact in learning and research, while accommodating future student and academic growth. 

Why does UTS need a new building?

The transformation of Building 2 will not only enable and reinforce our distinctive reputation for learning and research, and further add to the vibrancy of our campus, but it will support academic and student growth into the future. A new state-of-the-art UTS Library, library commons, a Student Services hub and cross-faculty research space are just a few of the features of the new Building 2 which will support UTS’s new learning model and help equip our students for the careers of the future. 

When is it happening?

The most important thing to know is that Building 2 is currently being vacated and will close on Thursday 30 June 2016. Hoardings will be installed on the perimeter between Buildings 1 and 2, and there will be no access. From July, Building 2 will be stripped out and all services switched off. Subject to planning approval, demolition and construction will follow, with the new building opening in 2019.
Building 2
Building 2 is located between the UTS Tower and Building 11 on Broadway

Closure of Building 2

What's happening to the computers and printing facilities in Building 2?

In the lead-up to the closure of Building 2 on 30 June, general access computers are being progressively removed and relocated elsewhere on campus. Additional general access computers are now available to UTS students in Buildings 10 (level 2) and 11 (level 1). Students seeking other types of learning spaces might like to try the recently opened student spaces in Building 5B (levels 4 and 5) and Building 11, which add to the range of collaborative and individual study options across campus.

The 24/7 printing facilities, including the print machines and printing station, currently located in Building 2, level 4, will be relocated to the area outside the Student Print Centre in Building 10, level 2, room 473 (near the general access computing space).

What about the IT Support Centre and Audio Visual Services Counter?

Both the IT and AV Counters from Building 2 are relocating to the Student Centre in Building 10, level 2 – the AV Counter on 24 June 2016 and the IT Help Desk on 30 June 2016. The IT and AV Help Desks will continue to operate unchanged from Building 5. 

What about other services?

All services based in Building 2 are moving as below, in preparation for its closure. If you regularly visit one of these spaces, please make a note of the new location and move date.
Servicenew locationFROM
Multi-faith Room
CB03.0530 May 2016
Student Ombuds OfficeCB03.03.4130 May 2016
Vertigo OfficesCB03.03.2730 May 2016
HELPSCB01.05.2520 June 2016
IELTSCB01.05.1120 June 2016
Student Services Unit Resource RoomCB01.05.0320 June 2016
Food Co-opCB05C.02.5820 June 2016
Student Legal ServicesCB01.05.1220 June 2016
Activate HQCB01.03.601 July 2016 
Harry Heath RoomCB01.03.2625 July 2016

What if I need to access Building 2 once it is closed?

Building 2 is being handed over to the contractor, Richard Crookes Constructions, on 1 July, which will make access difficult to arrange. If you require access to Building 2 following closure, please email your request to masterplan.feedback@uts.edu.au for consideration. 

What’s happening to Building 2’s fixtures and fittings?

Desks, tables, whiteboards and noticeboards from Building 2 have been donated to the Cook Islands Ministry of Education for distribution to primary and secondary schools. In addition, plans are afoot to repurpose Building 2’s distinctive pendant lights. Find out more about Building 2's sustainable strip-out.

Access, noise and other impacts

Why has the male bathroom on level 4 of the Tower closed?

Due to their proximity to the construction zone, the male toilets on level 4 of the Tower near the Building 2 boundary are temporarily closed, which means you may have to travel up or down a floor to use the bathroom. Other temporary closures may be necessary at times. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes. 

Will there be any changes to emergency evacuations from the Tower (Building 1)?

From about mid-September, when the hoarding along Broadway goes up, there will no longer be access to Building 1 from the side glass doors on the Broadway/Jones St corner as the area will become part of the construction zone. By early October, work will commence on a new fire egress tunnel that will connect the existing Building 1, level 4 egress stairwell to Broadway. This will mean occupants in the Building 1 basement as well as levels 3, 5 and 6 can continue using this stairwell in the case of an emergency.

What kind of noise is expected?

While the strip-out of Building 2 from about July/August may cause some noise disruption, along with the sounds of trucks entering and departing the site, the proposed demolition phase will be most impactful for those in Buildings 1, 7, 10 and 11. A number of measures will be put in place to reduce the impact of noise, as well as dust and vibration. Please be assured that all efforts will be made to minimise the impact of works on our UTS community and near neighbours throughout the project.

What is the likely impact on exams?

During the first week of July 2016 when exams are taking place, the Building 2 works will largely consist of hoarding installation, which is not expected to produce high-level noise. Beyond this and subject to planning approval, it is anticipated that demolition of Building 2, which will be considerably noisier, will be scheduled for late 2016 after exams to minimise disruption. Once construction begins, a program of ‘no work days’ will be effected to ensure no undue disturbances during exams or other important university events. 

Will roads or footpaths close?

Most of Jones St will be closed to the public throughout the demolition and main construction works, when it will be used for construction traffic. However, the Jones St western footpath will remain open, as will entries to all buildings surrounding Building 2. Access to the Alumni Green pathway along the Building 2 boundary will also be restricted. 

What will happen to the cafés and shops located near to Building 2?

Once construction commences, it will be business as usual for all (except Building 2, that is). All cafés and other businesses in the vicinity of Building 2 will remain accessible during the works. Along Jones St, these include Café 10, the convenience store, barber and Building 7’s Cornerstone Café. The Aerial Function Centre on level 7 of Building 10 will also remain open and accessible as usual. However, Jones St will be busy with construction traffic and at times noisy during the works. Everyone should take care when in the vicinity of the work site and use the Jones St western footpath to access Building 10. Traffic controllers will be managing pedestrians and construction traffic on Jones St from this time so please follow their instruction and all observe all safety signage. The Towers Café on level 3 of the Tower will remain open throughout the works though, as it is very close to the work site in Building 2, it is likely to experience noise and vibration at times. Access to the Activate Marketplace, also on level 3 of the Tower, is not affected.

Will deliveries to UTS be impacted?

Access restrictions to Jones St from the start of external site establishment, in September 2016, will impact deliveries that ordinarily use Jones St. Deliveries can continue to be made to adjacent buildings, including Buildings 1, 7, 10 and 11 via surrounding streets, and the footpath between Alumni Green and Building 7 will also remain accessible for deliveries. Please note that the Building 1 loading dock (level 2) will be exceptionally busy during the transformation of Building 2, as will the Building 1 forecourt on Broadway. All deliveries should be booked with UTS Security 48 hours prior. In exceptional circumstances only, where deliveries require access to Jones St via the head contractor's materials-handling zone, application for access may be made by emailing masterplan.feedback@uts.edu.au. However, the granting of access will depend upon construction activities.

Will Alumni Green be accessible during the works?

Alumni Green will remain open and accessible during the transformation of Building 2, with the exception of the footpath between Alumni Green and Building 2, which will be restricted. Signage will direct pedestrians via the footpath on the other side of the Green, alongside Building 7.

How much construction traffic will there be?

There will be approximately six trucks per hour – one every 10 minutes – during construction hours. This is actually fewer than during the period our other new buildings were under construction at the Broadway precinct as these projects were happening concurrently. The lead contractor for Building 2, Richard Crookes Constructions, was very successful in managing frequent truck movements associated with the construction of the Science and Graduate School of Health Building (Building 7) on Thomas St, which was particularly challenging given works were also underway nearby for the Faculty of Engineering and IT Building (Building 11) on Broadway.

Will it look like a construction site?

From July 2016 when hoardings go up between Buildings 1 and 2, it will begin to look like a construction site. From September, external hoardings and scaffolding will go up as part of the demolition and construction processes. We appreciate that this can appear unsightly, however bold graphics will be fixed to the hoardings to improve their appearance. More information about access restrictions due to the hoardings can be found on the CMP website​. A hoarding site plan can be found under 'impact'.​

New Building 2

What will the new Building 2 look like?

The proposed design is by Australian architectural firm Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT), working alongside architects Lacoste + Stevenson and Daryl Jackson Robin Dyke. It consists of a wide podium on levels 3–7, overlooking Broadway to the south and Alumni Green to the north, to house the bulk of the social, student-focused areas, including the UTS Library, scholarly reading room, learning commons, collaborative classrooms and theatres, and Student Services hub. A nine-level tower above the podium – accommodating additional research spaces – presents a twisting, rotating external form as it reaches higher. 
Artist impression of Building 2
The proposed design for Building 2 from Alumni Green, by architects FJMT

What’s going on each floor of the new building?

The process of deciding the facilities to be based on each level of the new Building 2 is well advanced, and will align closely with UTS’s growth strategy. More information will be shared, following planning approval for the new building.

Is the UTS Library moving?

Once the new Building 2 is open, the Library’s on-shelf collection will be relocated into its new space in the building. Fortunately, with a significant proportion of the Library’s collection already relocated to the underground Library Retrieval System behind Building 2, moving the remaining collection can be accomplished relatively quickly. The new UTS Library will open once the relocation is complete. Further details will be advised closer to the time.

What about the 'glass wall' in front of the UTS Tower?

A second phase of the UTS Central project proposes an extension to the adjoining Building 1 podium to complete the Broadway frontage. Architects Lacoste + Stevenson and Daryl Jackson Robin Dyke, who won the design competition for the podium extension in 2010, remain involved in the UTS Central project.

More info and feedback

Where can I get more information?

The UTS Central project page on the UTS website is updated periodically and features all the latest news on the project. Staff can visit the UTS Central (Building 2) page on Staff Connect. 

How can I provide feedback?

Please email any questions or concerns to masterplan.feedback@uts.edu.au