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Timelapse video showing progress from site establishment in September 2016 to start of demolition in November 2016.

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Timelapse video capturing the demolition of Building 2 to ground level from mid-November 2016 to March 2017.

July 2017: Faculty of Law to make a new home in Building 2

June 2017: Get the inside story on Building 2    

May 2017: Look out, trucks about – entering the Building 2 work site from Broadway

April 2017: Onwards and upwards for Building 2 as demolition comes to an end

March 2017: Students guide to Building 2: What’s happening and what does it mean for you?

February 2017: UTS Central: Demolition on course for March completion

December 2016: Building 2 changes before our eyes as demolition continues

November 2016: Building 2 to go out with a bang as heavy demolition begins

October 2016: D-Day (that’s Demolition Day!) is fast approaching for Building 2   

September 2016: Hoarding and street art mark the start of Building 2's transformation

August 2016: Installation of exterior hoardings around Building 2 about to commence

Media release (August 2016): Urban street art celebrates UTS Broadway building transformation

July 2016: Building 2 begins its journey towards an exciting future

June 2016: Building 2 to close ahead of its transformation

May 2016: Distinctive design for new Building 2 revealed

April 2016: Building 2 transformation to revitalise the heart of campus