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Campus Masterplan Banner 2015

Teaching, learning and research spaces

The new Engineering and IT Building represents a quantum shift in the way teaching, learning and research spaces are designed at UTS, supporting the student-centred UTS Model of Learning under the learning.futures initiative as well as industry-focused research.

More than just a physical difference, the new spaces facilitate a new way of teaching and learning at UTS, and include:

FEIT Building Data ArenaData Arena
The UTS Data Arena is a 360-degree interactive data visualisation facility, which is set to change the way we view and interact with data. A powerful and immersive experience, it has the capacity to enable business, government and researchers to visualise complex information, identify trends and solve problems. View the Media Kit here.



FEIT Building collaborative theatreCollaborative theatres
Collaborative theatres facilitate multiple forms of engagement including presentations, collaborative group work and technology-enabled activities.



FEIT Building collaborative classroomCollaborative classrooms
Collaborative classrooms feature interactive whiteboards or LCDs, mobile chairs and tables and rotating lecterns, providing opportunities for technology-enabled project work and group learning.


FEIT Building learning commonsLearning commons
These informal spaces are intended for a variety of learning activities, including individual and group study and collaborative learning, as well as for relaxing and socialising.