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Mingming is excited about the three-day inter-university InSPiRE 2016 program at UTS
Find out how InSPiRE 2014 helped Uche Ngwaba’s PhD journey

InSPiRE was a success in 2016!

The inaugural five-day InSPiRE program in 2014 was a great success and InSPiRE 2016 was even better! This event represents a collaboration of five universities: University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, University of Sydney, Western Sydney University and University of Technology Sydney, to bring an innovative and highly participative three-day researcher development program targeted specifically at Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students.

The program featured a three-day theme “Making Agility and Resourcefulness part of your Research Career”. The three days focused on HDR student career development — increasing HDR students’ ability to articulate their research impact, influence and engagement. As such, InSPiRE 2016 provided resources to help support HDR students’ research journey, develop their professional skills and prepare them for life beyond their research degree.

InSPiRE 2016 featured expert facilitators, guest speakers, interactive workshops and networking events. There were plenty of opportunities to interact with facilitators and other participants from the five universities. Students shared resources and expertise, developed new collaborations and networks that will be valuable to their future careers as an academic or as a professional in industry.

InSPiRE operates as a biennial conference and will be back bigger and better in 2018.

2016 InSPiRE program

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Find out how InSPiRE 2014 helped Uche Ngwaba’s PhD journey