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ATN Assessment Conference

Assessment: Sustainability, Diversity and Innovation

18 - 19 November 2010
University of Technology Sydney   


Participants were invited to participate in the ATN Assessment 2010 Conference: Sustainability, Diversity and Innovation, sponsored by the Australian Technology Network (ATN). The conference provides participants with opportunities to explore research and scholarly practice in designing, implementing and supporting innovative and enduring assessment for students and teachers in higher education institutions. The theme of sustainability, diversity and innovation includes the following strands:

  • Assessment for sustainable learning within and beyond the course
  • Sustainable assessment practices and standards
  • Innovative assessment: opportunities and challenges
  • Diversity and assessment: diverse students and diverse assessment practices.

These strands aimed to allow for a broad range of contributions, while also aligning the conference with current higher education policy agendas. There were opportunities to explore different aspects of assessment, including different needs and objectives, contexts and approaches, practices and tools. Delegates enjoyed: sharing practices that are demonstrably effective; discussing the challenges of innovation; contributing to the scholarship of assessment; and engaging with communities of academics and teachers, students and employers.

The conference included exciting keynote presentations, invited speakers, paper presentations, workshops and posters as well as panel sessions.

The ATN Assessment Conference is an activity of the ATN Teaching and Learning Committee. It is hosted each year by one of the five ATN universities in Australia and open to participants from across the higher education sector.

Curtin University will host the 2011 conference.

Katrina Waite and Nicola Parker, Conference Conveners
Jo McKenzie, Director
Institute for Interactive Media and Learning, UTS.

Keynote speakers

Our conference Keynote Speakers posed challenges and offered ideas for practice and policy associated with our key themes are:

Who is the conference for?

The ATN Assessment Conferences are designed for academics, higher education teachers, sessional academics, curriculum and assessment developers. Teaching and learning coordinators and leaders, academic and professional development staff as well as senior academics, leaders and managers will also find this conference highly relevant. Researchers in education and assessment in particular, postgraduate researchers and students are key contributors to this event. In addition, industry and community workplace supervisors, government policy managers and advisors, education consultants and representatives of professional bodies involved in assessment will find this conference provides them with important insights into their roles.

Contributions and Peer Review Process

Details on contributions and the peer review process are available here. 


For further information or enquiries email: atn.assessment@uts.edu.au.