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Non-current school leavers

Am I a non-current school leaver?

If you are not completing year 12 at school or TAFE, then yes - you are broadly categorised as a non-current school leaver.

If you are a non-current school leaver and are also of 20 years of age or older, then you are known as a mature age student. While being a mature age student on its own is not enough to get you into a UTS course, it will affect the criteria you need to meet in order to be accepted into a UTS undergraduate course.

Almost 50% of commencing undergraduate students at UTS are non-current school leavers. UTS considers your previous study experience and offers credit recognition for many of its courses.

As a non-current school leaver considering university study, it's worth visiting Make Your Mark (opens an external site). You can watch and read other people’s experiences, browse great tips and advice to help you get started, and access some of the best content and resources available around tertiary education. 


If you meet one of the below listed criteria, you are eligible to be considered for entry into a UTS course. However, you still have to compete for an offer on the basis of your academic qualifications.

  • a NSW Higher School Certificate or Australian equivalent, and achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 69 or higher.
  • a recognised TAFE or Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) (opens an external site), in the form of:
    • associate diploma
    • diploma
    • advanced diploma, or
    • tertiary preparation certificate
  • an INSEARCH diploma or foundation studies
  • at least one year full-time or equivalent in a degree course at an Australian university or college of advanced education
  • an approved overseas qualification (you will also have to prove your proficiency in English)

Mature age students

If you are 20 years of age or older on 1 March 2018 you are considered to be a mature age student. Your application will still depend on your prior qualifications including your ATAR or TAFE/University studies.

Your application to gain entry into a UTS course may include the consideration of results in the:

However, requirements vary for different courses. Check faculty specific admission requirements for details about how you are selected to our courses.

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