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Undergraduate scholarships

UTS is proud to award over 1000 scholarships to our students every year. Through our scholarships, we are able to reward academic achievement and provide support for students in need. 

To search for relevant scholarships, use the scholarships search tool.

How are scholarships awarded?

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UTS Scholarships brochure
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UTS awards scholarships based on:

  • academic merit (for example, ATAR based)

  • equity (financial need, regional and remote, disabilities, medical conditions, sole parents, carers and refugees)

  • a combination of the above.

Who is eligible?

You may be eligible for you a UTS scholarship if you are:

  • A school leaver, gap year student, non-current school leaver (NCSL) or current undergraduate student

  • Expecting great academic results

  • Struggling to manage the costs of study at University

  • Representing UTS as an elite athlete

  • An Indigenous Australian

How do I apply?

You can find relevant scholarships by using the scholarship search tool.
Most UTS scholarships have an online application form. Some scholarships require you to complete more than one form.
If you are applying for an equity scholarship and need to demonstrate your financial need, you will need to also apply through the UAC equity scholarship application process (opens an external site).