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Mid-year intake applications

Mid-year applications are now open to students wanting to begin their undergraduate course at UTS in the 2017 Session Two. If you have recently completed your HSC or studied at a private college or TAFE, you are able to apply for one of the degrees* below for mid-year intake.

Students wishing to apply for a course in the mid-year intake should either submit a UAC application or change their preferences (open an external website). 

*Courses listed on this page are subject to change. Please visit the UAC website for the final list of courses offered by UTS in the mid-year intake. 


Mid-year intake application deadlines

  • 12 July 2017: Undergraduate mid-year applications close. 
  • 24 July 2017: UTS Sesssion Two commences. 

For more information please visit the UAC website.


How to apply for the mid-year intake

Applications for all UTS courses in the mid-year intake must be submitted via the UAC website.  If you submitted an application via UAC for the Autumn semester intake, all you need to do is to change your preferences using the 'check and change' function. Alternatively, if you have not previously submitted a UAC application you can start a new application via the UAC website


UTS Courses offered in the mid-year intake 

UAC Code

Course title

2016 ATAR cut-off

601030B Business (FT)91.00
601065B Management (Digital Creative Enterprise)85.20
601068B Management (Events)85.35
601070B Management (Sport)85.20
601072B Management (Tourism)85.05
601090B Economics86.00
600033B Communication (Creative Writing) 72.15
600023B Communication (Public Communication)81.00
600028B Communication (Social and Political Sciences)75.60
603130B Engineering (Hons) Biomedical, Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice 89.00
603060B Engineering (Hons) Data, Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice87.35
603035B Engineering (Hons) Electrical, Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice86.05
603055B Engineering (Hons) Mechanical, Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice87.60
603120B Engineering (Hons) Mechatronic, Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice87.10
603115B Engineering (Hons) Mechanic & Mechatronics, Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice89.15
603115B Engineering (Hons) Software, Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice85.50
603200B Science in Information Technology, Diploma in IT Professional Practice 80.10
607001B Science (Flexible)74.25
607003B Science (Maths/Statistics)76.95
607005B Science (Applied Chemistry)74.10
607007B Science (Nanotechnology)71.60
607009B Science (Applied Physics)71.20
607011B Science (Environmental Sciences)73.05
607015B Science (Biotechnology/Medical/Biomedical)76.20
607020B Forensic Science85.35
607033B Environmental Biology72.25
607035B Marine Biology72.80
607040B Biomedical Science81.00
607045B Biotechnology75.00
607050B Medical Science87.05
607063B Advanced Science (Pre-Medicine)96.20
607065B Medicinal Chemistry85.20
607070B Biomedical Physics90.30
607080B Science in Analytics89.75

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