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Studying at UTS

Practical learning

All our courses are designed to be highly relevant to industry and the professions, taught with important global issues in mind.

By basing assignments and coursework around case studies affecting communities and industry rather than generic textbook cases, we give you the chance to engage with innovative and relevant material while developing your practical skills.

This makes for a more interesting study experience and gives our graduates an edge when it comes to employment.

UTS courses integrate professional practice into your learning experience through:

  • case study-based assessments
  • work placements in industry
  • clinical placements and simulations
  • projects for community organisations
  • consulting projects
  • high levels of industry engagement, in the classroom and in course design


Teaching and industry engagement

At UTS, you’ll be exposed to the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills in your field.

Industry advisory committees help shape our course content to ensure that you are learning current industry best practice. Many of our lecturers are leaders in their areas of expertise, and many are active in professional practice. Guest lectures from industry experts also provide valuable professional insights.


Community engagement opportunities

UTS is actively involved with many not-for-profit organisations and community projects, giving you the chance to develop valuable networking skills with industry while contributing in a meaningful way to community development.

UTS Shopfront offers students the chance to undertake community projects for course credit in most degrees, while the So(U)L program – Social Leaders @ UTS – offers leadership training, seminars, lectures and discussion groups on key themes of social entrepreneurship, active citizenship and the not-for-profit sector.

Our BUiLD program - Beyond UTS International Leadership and Development - provides opportunities for more than 1000 of our students from different study areas, the chance to develop, connect and engage. BUiLD seeks to promote concepts of justice, equality and sustainability by allowing students to participate in career development workshops, community projects, internships and volunteer projects.