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Overseas opportunities

International Studies

Each year over 250 UTS students spend a year overseas studying in another language at a UTS partner university in one of more than 10 countries, while earning credit towards their UTS: International Studies degree.

A Bachelor of Arts in International Studies will build your language and cultural skills, and it can be combined with most other undergraduate degrees as part of a five year or six year combined degree program.

UTS also offers the Bachelor of Global Studies, a stand-alone degree that encourages you to develop different perspectives to engage with complex problem-solving around global issues.

Learn a language

Studying a language at UTS builds your ability to speak and read that language, and gives you insights into a particular culture and society. Enrol in one of UTS’s language and culture programs in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese or Spanish to increase your international and intercultural skills.

Global exchange

If you want to combine travel with your degree, but aren’t necessarily looking to study language and culture as part of your course, consider global exchange. UTS offers students in most degrees the chance to study one or two sessions overseas at one of more than 150 UTS partner institutions through Global Exchange. As a UTS global exchange student, you can study in one of 34 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific.

The subjects you take on global exchange count towards your UTS degree, so it won’t take any extra time to complete your studies.

And language isn’t an issue. Many of UTS’s partner universities are in English-speaking countries, and others offer subjects in English as well as the host language.

Overseas practicum

Some UTS courses, such as the Bachelor of Education in Primary Education and the Bachelor of Global Studies, and subjects such as Construction in Developing Communities, allow you to take part in an overseas practicum as part of a particular study program. Overseas pracs allow you to apply the skills you’ve learnt at UTS, gaining practical experience, in a global setting while you earn course credit.

Join the hundreds of UTS students who study overseas each year as part of their degree. Study one of seven languages offered at UTS or choose one of our many other global options.

Adding an international aspect to your degree can open the door to better career opportunities, broaden your way of thinking and, of course, add an element of adventure.

International leadership and development program

If you’re not looking to spend an entire session overseas, but you’d still like to tackle an international experience, broaden your horizons, expand your networks, gain leadership experience and boost your employability, then you need to join the UTS BUiLD program

In 2015 over 2600 UTS students participated in BUiLD.  Some travelled overseas to one of 35 countries on short term programs, others took on internships, volunteering and community work,  attended leadership conferences and workshops.  BUiLD is an exciting and dynamic leadership program, which is free to join and open to all UTS students.

Student clubs

UTS clubs such as Exchange and Study Abroad, and AIESEC have an international focus and provide international opportunities for personal and professional development of leadership and management skills. By joining the AIESEC club, you could be involved in international extracurricular opportunities ranging from six weeks to 18 months, in over 110 countries. They also offer internships.

Financing your international experience

To make international experiences more accessible, students can apply for a Global Exchange scholarship, as well as a variety of other scholarship oppotunities for BUiLD and specific UTS partner universities worldwide.