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Welcome to UTS

UTS offers academic excellence and a vibrant campus life in the heart of the global city of Sydney - one of the world’s most multicultural cities. Sydney brings together nearly five million people in an eclectic mix of cultures, races, religions and professions. It is known for being a tolerant city, welcoming people from all backgrounds.
UTS is a culturally diverse university. The university is ranked 46th in the Times Higher Education 2016 list of “the 200 most international universities in the world”. This measure takes into account a university’s international student numbers, the percentage of international staff and the proportion of its research papers published with a co-author from at least one other country.
In 2016, 12,385 international students were studying at UTS from 120 different nationalities. 45% of students at UTS have a language background other than English and 48% were born outside of Australia. The student body speaks more than 145 languages. 
This section of the UTS website offers an introduction to what UTS has to offer international students, conveniently in multiple languages. Click on your language below to find out more about the benefits of studying at UTS. 
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