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On the test day

Please find below important information that will help you prepare for and sit the IELTS test. 

Test schedule

  • Writing: 60 minutes
  • Reading: 60 minutes
  • Listening: 30 minutes
    (in this order)
1pm-5.40pm**Speaking: 11-14 minutes
*The Writing, Reading and Listening Tests will run continously with no breaks in between.
** You will be notified of your speaking time on the test day. We are unable to cater to personal preferences for the speaking times.
Do not be late. If you arrive late and the test has commenced, you will not be able to sit it and you will forfeit your test fee.


IELTS tests at UTS are conducted in Building 5. Building 5 is conveniently located a short 5 minute walk from Central Station- just walk down Quay Street and look for the signs.
You will receive notification of your test time and location via email Wednesday or Thursday Afternoon before the test. If you have not received your Important Information email by Thursday evening before your test, please check it hasn't ended up in your junk email folder first, and if also not there, contact the UTS IELTS Centre by emailing ielts@uts.edu.au, requesting it be re-sent.

What to bring

  • Your original valid passport (essential - no passport, no test)
  • HB Pencil/s, eraser, pencil-sharpener
  • Jumper or jacket as the room is air-conditioned

No rulers, highlighters, pens or correction fluid are allowed in the test room.

Storage during test

Do not bring valuables to the test. A bag room is supplied, but no responsibility will be accepted by UTS for the loss of personal belongings.

Notice to candidates

You are required to have read the IELTS Notice to Candidates (PDF, 687kB) before you sit the test.


  • The UTS IELTS Centre reserves the right not to accept cancellations and transfers from candidates who have started the test.
  • If a candidate exits the test room during the test, no refund of the test fee or transfers can be made.


If you have any enquiries, please contact the UTS IELTS Centre.