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Free IELTS Pretest

The next Free IELTS Pretest is scheduled for 12 August. 

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Take part in a free IELTS Pretest session. Help us trial new test questions and gain valuable experience. 

The free Pretest:

  • lets you practice the first 3 components of an IELTS test (Writing, Reading and Listening) but not the Speaking component.
  • is for the General Training Module only
  • takes approximately 4 hours (1 hour for registration, 3 hours of testing)
  • please arrive before 8:30am to secure your place

Note: Pretest scores cannot be used as official IELTS test results.

The benefits

Taking the free pretest will:

  • give you an opportunity to practice your English skills
  • give you valuable experience of test conditions at UTS
  • provide an indication of your language ability according to IELTS standards
  • help you see where to focus when you prepare for a real IELTS test in future

What to bring

  • Pencils, eraser, pencil-sharpener
  • Jumper or jacket as the room is air-conditioned

No rulers, highlighters or correction fluid are allowed in the test room.

You may bring a pen to use for the Writing Test but we encourage you not to as you cannot use pen in a real IELTS test.

Storage during test 

Do not bring valuables to the test. A bag room is supplied, but no responsibility will be accepted by UTS for the loss of personal belongings.

Your results

You will receive information about your performance six to eight weeks after you attend the session via email at the same email address you used to register.

Test dates

All pretests take place at UTS in Building 5, you will receive the exact location in the confirmation email when you book.

The next Pretest is scheduled for 12 August. 

Book now