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Study Abroad and Exchange students

Your program options

We invite you to join us at UTS, Sydney’s city university for a semester, or two, to enjoy the excitement and stimulation that study and city life in Australia can offer.

UTS has a diverse and wide-ranging Exchange and Study Abroad program, allowing you to design a study program to suit your interests, from the hundreds of options in everything from Business  to Engineering, Sport Science to Environmental Science, Design to Communication.

See our program guide (PDF, 3.7MB) for ideas on the exciting options or find out about UTS Business School’s Winter Program 2014.

As a Study Abroad or Exchange student, you will be eligible to live in UTS campus housing, right in the buzz of the city, only minutes from class and a short walk from much the amazing city of Sydney can offer you.

When you complete your semester at UTS, you will receive an official academic transcript that will be credited towards your degree at home.

Don’t forget that you may be able to apply for a scholarship from your home government to cover your study abroad tuition. Some governments also provide options for students to apply for financial aid and loans  to assist with your living costs and tuition. 

Study Abroad or Exchange program

The UTS Exchange program is available to eligible students who are enrolled at, and nominated by, an official UTS Exchange partner institution. Your tuition fees are paid to your home institution when you attend UTS.

The UTS Study Abroad program welcomes applications from students from any recognised university or college, and from students who have completed high school in many countries. Study Abroad attracts a tuition fee based on the number of subject credit points you study with us.

Study Plans and Subject Guides

On either program, you can choose from most disciplines across UTS and tailor a cross-disciplinary study program to fit your interests, help you develop a specialisation, or gain unique insight into Australian culture.

You can download our helpful Subject Advice Guides with links and assistance to understand our most popular subject options within Business (specialisations, PDF 212kB); Communication (PDF, 246kB); Design Architecture and Building (DAB, PDF 396kB); Engineering (PDF, 248kB); Information Technology (PDF, 237kB) and Science (PDF, 285kB), or choose from our range of General Electives (PDF, 355kB).

Then find out How to Use the UTS Handbook which provides comprehensive information on approved subjects on offer. You can take these to get study approvals from your home university.

Visiting Research Student

This program is open to graduate level research students, to undertake supervised research at UTS. As a visiting research student with a suitable academic background, you can seek supervision and have access to Research Dissertation subjects across UTS’s research areas. You may study for one to four semesters if academic supervision is available in your area of research at UTS. You will not receive a UTS award or be paid, but will receive an official Academic Transcript.

Australian Language and Culture Studies program

The Australian Language and Culture Studies program offered by the UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences requires an English Language proficiency level of IELTS 5.0 - 6.0 or equivalent and provides students with 24 units of credit. It allows you to complete full-time studies for one or two semesters, while developing your English language skills through the study of Australian language and culture.

You can study subjects in the program for one semester, and then take an IELTS or TOEFL test. Upon meeting the UTS English entry requirements, the Study Abroad and Exchange Team can help you enrol in UTS faculty subjects for the second semester.

Australia Language and Culture Guide

Download the program brochure (PDF, 2MB)

Study Abroad with the School of the Environment

UTS’s School of the Environment (SoE) offers pre- and post-semester study abroad options including extensive field trip opportunities across Australia’s diverse ecology and landscapes. For more information, download the brochure (PDF, 733kB).

Currently studying at UTS and thinking of going overseas?

If you are a current student thinking of studying overseas, visit the Global Exchange website.