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Study plans and subjects

Whether you are coming to UTS as a Study Abroad or Exchange student, you can choose from most disciplines across UTS and tailor a cross-disciplinary study program designed to meet your interests, help you develop a specialisation, or gain a unique insight into Australian culture.

Faculty Advising Guides

Download our helpful Subject Advice Guides with links and assistance to understand our most popular subject options within: 

Note: The Subject Advice Guides are an easy way to find information on subjects; however, you will need to refer to the UTS Handbook for more detailed information. 


Tips for selecting subjects

  • How can I find subjects at UTS? 
    Find out how to use (PDF, 1.1MB) the UTS Handbook, which provides comprehensive information on approved subjects on offer. You can use these to get study approvals from your home university.
  • Is the subject undergraduate or postgraduate? 
    Undergraduate subjects (Bachelor's degree level) and postgraduate subjects (Master's degree level) are available to Study Abroad and Exchange students. If you have not completed the equivalent of an Australian Bachelor's degree, you will not be able to undertake postgraduate subjects.
  • What if the subjects have prerequisites? 
    If a subject has prerequisites, you must demonstrate that you have the required knowledge to take the subject based on previous studies. You will need to supply detailed subject outlines (in English) of the subjects you have already completed at your home institution.
  • Will the subject be credited to my degree? 
    When selecting subjects, it is important to keep in mind how you will use them for credit at your home institution. Always check with your home institution's Study Abroad or Exchange academic adviser regarding the suitability of your subject selections.
  • Is the subject offered during the right teaching session for me? 
    You can check when subjects are available by referring to the UTS timetable. Some subjects are offered only in Autumn session or Spring session, but not in both. Details of subjects are available in the UTS Handbook.

If you need assistance with choosing your subjects, please contact: studyabroad.exchange@uts.edu.au