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UTS: study abroad and exchange

Steps to applying

Apply to spend a semester or two at UTS as an Exchange or Study Abroad student. 

Study Abroad students

As a Study Abroad (fee-paying) student, you can apply to UTS in three ways:

Online applications close for Spring session (July-November): 30 April 2017

Online applications close for Autumn session (March-July): 30 November 2017

Exchange students

Studying at one of our Partner Universities? You may be able to study with us for one or two semesters as an Exchange student (fee-waiver) at our engaging and innovative city campus while you continue to pay your tuition fees at your home university.

The next application round is for Spring Session 2017 (commencing July).

Nominations open :  8 February 2017
Nominations close :  16 April 2017

Online applications open: 8 February 2017
Online applications close: 30 April 2017