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Fees and living expenses

Tuition fees

Exchange students

If you come to UTS as an exchange student, you are not required to pay tuition fees to UTS, but will still pay your regular fees at your home university.

Study Abroad and Visiting Research Students program

The UTS Study Abroad and Visiting Research Students Program (VRS) tuition fee is a flat fee for up to 24 UTS credit points: 

  • 2017 – A$9888 per session (A$412 per credit point)
  • 2018 – A$9888 per session (A$412 per credit point)

The UTS Study Abroad 18 (18 UTS credit points, usually 3 UTS subjects*) tuition fee for 18 credit points is: 

  • 2017 – A$7416 per session  (A$412 per credit point)
  • 2018 – A$7416 per session  (A$412 per credit point)
* UTS subjects in UTS Faculty of Law and UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences can be valued at 8 credit points each; therefore not all students may select the Study Abroad 18 program if they enrol into subjects offered by those Faculties. Please contact one of our Study Abroad advisors if you have queries about the tuition fee costs for your study choices. 
Important notes:
  • Students enrolled in the UTS Study Abroad Program and the UTS Study Abroad 18 Program who undertake subjects or credit points in addition to the number listed above will incur an additional fee per credit point of enrolment. Tuition fees above the limits will be charged at A$412 per credit point in 2017 and 2018.
  • Tuition fees do not include the cost of your books or other course materials.
  • Fees are subject to change at the beginning of each calendar year. If you are coming to UTS for two teaching sessions and you commence study in UTS Spring session (starting July), please be aware that the fee for the following UTS Autumn session (starting February/March) may increase.
  • You are required to pay tuition fees as soon as you are accepted into your UTS Study Abroad program. 
  • You or your representative should nominate your UTS Study Abroad program of choice at the point of application to UTS, by indicating ‘Study Abroad’, ‘Study Abroad 18’ or ‘Visiting Research Program’ in the online forms. Applications for transfer between these programs must be made in writing to UTS, and such transfers may not be permitted after teaching has started. 

All applicants are encouraged to read the Statement of Protocol on fees and refunds for international students studying in Australia before submitting an application.

UTS accommodation

More than just a place to live, UTS accommodation is a wonderful opportunity to meet other students through organised events and activities. UTS residences are comfortable, affordable and convenient. All have common spaces where you can relax, socialise, play, study and learn, and all are self-catered and close to supermarkets and restaurants. Residential Networkers support students in housing and promote their safety and wellbeing. They also help organise activities and events for residents. 

As a study abroad, exchange or visiting research student, you are guaranteed a place to live in UTS Housing if you apply before 15 November for Autumn session (commencing February/March) and before 1 June for Spring session (commencing July). However, you are not guaranteed a style or price range that meets your requirements. The earlier you apply the better chance you have of securing your preferred accommodation option.

Accommodation is available six or twelve month periods and payment is required for the full contracted period. 

Health cover

International students in Australia on a student visa are required, as a condition of their visa, to maintain valid health insurance for the full lenght of their visa. In most cases this means maintaining Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

Note: students from Belgium, Norway and Sweden who have health cover in their home countries may be exempt from OSHC. For further information on which types of insurance are recognised for this exemption, visit the Department of Health (DoH) website (opens an external site).

Living costs

If you're thinking of studying in Sydney, you need to know what it will cost to support yourself. An estimated A$18,876 – A$27,872 per year is required for living expenses, which includes accommodation, food and transport. In addition, an initial establishment cost of around A$4200 is usually needed (for independent accommodation) to cover rental bonds (deposits), furniture and electricity and telephone expenses.

It is also a requirement of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (implemented on 1 July 2012) that prospective international students demonstrate they have access to at least A$19,830 year to fund their living costs in Australia.

For a breakdown of approximate living costs you may incur while studying at UTS in Sydney, visit Living in Sydney.

Financial aid and scholarships

UTS offers Study Abroad Excellence Awards for commencing Study Abroad students. Selection is based on academic achievement in the most recently completed tertiary qualification recognised by UTS for entry in the Study Abroad program. A separate application is not required.

Financial Aid and Home Government Funding/Scholarships

Students coming to study at UTS may also be able to secure financial aid, loans or scholarships from their home government.

If you are from Canada, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, United States of America (USA) you may be eligible for some form of financial aid. Students from Denmark can also apply for living and fee support from their government, and German and Swedish students may also have some funding options.

If you are from Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Oman, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam you may be eligible for a sponsorship or scholarship from your home government to cover tuition and/or living expenses.