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Offshore courses

Students studying a UTS offshore course outside Australia

UTS delivers a select range of offshore courses. The courses are listed below.

What is an offshore course?

UTS has partnered with overseas universities and institutions to deliver a select range of courses outside Australia. These offshore courses (also known as transnational courses) provide students with the opportunity to study UTS courses in countries other than Australia. The courses have equivalent course design, structure and learning outcomes as the courses delivered at UTS, Sydney. Teaching staff are from UTS, Sydney or employed overseas by UTS through arrangements with our overseas partners with the same qualifications.

Student learning support is provided through face-to-face teaching by UTS staff as well as online access to UTS facilities and support systems (the same as our students in Sydney). In addition, there is support through direct access to administration and facilities provided by our overseas partners.


What qualification will I have after completing a UTS offshore course?

All UTS offshore courses offered outside Australia are accredited by UTS the same as the equivalent courses offered in Sydney. The same admission requirements and completion requirements apply. Offshore course students meeting the completion requirements will be conferred the relevant UTS degree award, as graduates completing the equivalent courses delivered at UTS, Sydney.

How do I apply?

Applicants should apply through our partners in the respective offshore course locations.

Countries where UTS courses are offered



SHU-UTS Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce (SILC) Business School, Shanghai University, Shanghai

Courses offered:

  • Bachelor of Business
    The course is a collaboration between Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce (SILC), Shanghai University and UTS: Business. Students have two pathways to enrol in this UTS course offered at SHU-UTS SILC, Shanghai.

    1. Students completing the UTS:INSEARCH Diploma of Business at SHU-UTS SILC may enrol in the UTS Bachelor of Business and be given a one-year credit recognition to complete the UTS course at SHU-UTS SILC.

    2. Shanghai University Bachelor degree course students who have met the UTS entry requirements can be admitted to the UTS Bachelor of Business degree and study both the Shanghai University and UTS degree courses in tandem. On completion, they have the opportunity to obtain dual degree awards.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Management Association, Hong Kong

Courses offered:

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