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International study options

Talking about the world is one thing, but the best way to learn is to get amongst it.

The School of International Studies offers a wealth of options to give your degree a real international edge. These options, which can be integrated into your chosen degree, will enhance your understanding of the languages, culture and contexts of the wider world.

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International Intensive Electives

Would you like to complete one of your electives overseas? Our International Intensive Electives give a three-four week global experience program in another country. You can apply once you’ve successfully completed at least 24 credit points of undergraduate study in your degree.

Elective options

  • International Internship — 97901 (6cp) or 97900 (8cp)
  • In-country Contemporary Society Study — 977917 (6cp) or 977912 (8cp)
  • In-country Language and Culture Study — 977918 (6cp) or 977913 (8cp)

Some grants are available to help fund your travel costs.

Read more about International Intensive Electives.

What the students say

Larissa Jaffe, UTS Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Communication)Larissa Jaffe
Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Communication)
International Intensive Elective: International Internship

“I decided to take this elective because I thought it sounded like an amazing opportunity and a great way to internationalize my degree.”

James Fenton, UTS Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Arts in International StudiesJames Fenton
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
International Intensive Elective: International Internship

“Within the internship I gained important professional skills that will assist me throughout the remainder of my study and beyond.”

Elina Godwin, UTS Bachelor of Sound and Music Design, with International Intensive Electorate: In-country Contemporary Society Study (Tokyo)Elina Godwin
Bachelor of Sound and Music Design
International Intensive Elective: In-country Contemporary Society Study

“I’ve always wanted to go on exchange but a 6 or 12 month exchange just didn’t fit into my study plan easily. This program was therefore a great substitute because it fit neatly into the summer holidays.

BUiLD program

The Beyond UTS International Leadership Development (BUiLD) program is open to all UTS students. The program provides opportunities for you to develop leadership potential and take part in a range of local and international activities.

Read more about BUiLD

Sub-majors, electives and non-award study

No matter what you’re studying at UTS, you can add language and culture electives or sub-majors to your degree (Faculty approval required).


Choose from:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish


Create a sub-major with one of the following combinations:

  • three contemporary society subjects from an International Studies sub-major (SMJ09034)
  • a contemporary society subject and two relevant consecutive language and culture subjects known as Specialist Country Studies Sub-major (SMJ09036)
  • three consecutive language and culture subjects known as Language Other Than English (LOTE) Studies Sub-major (SMJ09035)

Language and culture subjects and contemporary society subjects may also be taken as non-award studies.

How to apply

For information on how to apply and enrol go to the BUiLD Abroad page and read the brochure on International Intensive Electives.

For further enquiries about applying and travel grants, please contact the UTS International’s BUiLD team at build@uts.edu.au

For enquiries about enrolment in the elective subject, please contact School of International Studies: soisinfo@uts.edu.au