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Welcome from the Head of School

The School of International Studies offers extraordinary opportunities for teaching, learning and research in the humanities and social sciences.

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Situated in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, we are aligned with the UTS vision of being practice-oriented, research-inspired, technology-linked, and creative, all within a global outlook.

Our discipline areas

The School of International Studies provides education in traditional and contemporary humanities and social sciences disciplines, including language studies, languages education, linguistics, literary studies, geography, history, cultural studies, art history and more.

Recently, we have expanded our focus to explore a new area of intellectual enquiry that we call ‘transcultural realities.’ Under the heading of ‘New International Studies’ the notion of transcultural realities encompasses the study of localised cultural and social formations, transcultural and intercultural dialogues and practices, contact zones, and the significance of encounters with difference.

Our teaching and research

The School is home to internationally renowned teaching and research staff who bring both academic and industry-relevant knowledge into the classroom. Our teaching and research concerns the material contexts of processes of globalisation, especially how places become transformed in the context of local-global relations.

We are also committed to fostering relationships with locally and internationally-connected experts, creating opportunities for scholarly discussions about the individual’s role in increasingly complex societies, a notion we term ‘emerging life-worlds’.

What’s in it for you?

As a student in our School, you stand to gain the theoretical and practical skills required to be a driver of positive change in the wider world. You’ll graduate with skills in a language other than English, intercultural competence and you’ll have global connections that will make you highly valued by prospective employers.

I look forward to welcoming you to UTS.

Professor Lesley Harbon
Head of School