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Our alumni

The School of International Studies is connected to hundreds of alumni from undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Over the years our alumni have made outstanding contributions to different activities and organisations both locally and internationally, and their achievements have been honoured at a range of local, national and international events.

Please see the remarkable achievements of some of our alumni here:

Andrea Myles, UTS Master of Arts in International Studies Master of Arts in China StudiesCass Matthews, UTS Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of International Studies (Honours)

Cass Matthews (study abroad, Japan) and Andrea Myles (study abroad, China)

We are always keen to continue our dialogue with our alumni, and extend this invitation by encouraging discussion through our:

Recent alumni events

We recently invited our alumni, current students and industry partners to watch a thought-provoking documentary Poverty, Inc., directed by Michael Matheson Miller. The film explores the power dynamics embedded within the current charity model, which often disempowers and disengages the poor, situating them as objects of charity rather than the active protagonists and ultimate saviours in their own stories.

Upcoming events

Please visit our faculty events page for details on upcoming alumni events. Also keep an eye on the UTS alumni website for details of alumni events across the university.

Please contact us to add your news and achievements to our alumni profiles.