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When you’re choosing where and what to study, often the most useful information comes from someone who has or is completing the degree you’re interested in.

Meet some of our Information Technology students and graudates. They'll tell you about their learning experiences and challenges, why they chose to come here and what they think about studying at UTS.

Undergraduate profiles

Sherryne Dayoub Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Diploma in Information Technology Professional Practice profile image Sherryne Dayoub
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Diploma in Information Technology Professional Practice
"UTS has opened up a world of possibilities and opportunities, making me excited about my future!"

Alexandra Hipolito UTS Bachelor of Information Technology Co-operative Scholarship graduate profile image

Alexandra Hipolito
Bachelor of Information Technology
"The technical and the communication skills I learnt while at uni helped prepare me for my current role."

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Honours profiles

UTS Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Honours graduate Debi TaylorDebi Taylor
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Honours graduate
Thesis title: 'Female game developers in the Australian digital games industry'
Read more about her research in UTS: Newsroom.

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Postgraduate profiles

Leonor Salazar Victoria UTS Master of Information Technology graduate profile imageLeonor Salazar Victoria
Master of Information Technology
"Studying the Master of Information Technology have me the opportunity to change my career direction and move into my IT role at ThoughtWorks."

Stefano Bianchini UTS Master of Business in Information Technology graduate profile imageStefano Bianchini
Master of Business and Technology
"I can confidently say that this has proved to be the best investment I've made in my life!"

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Research profiles

Jessica Frawley
Doctor of Philiosophy
"Following on from her honours thesis Jessica’s PhD will explore the concept of literacy in mobile technology. With the advent of technology, concepts of literacy now extend beyond the traditional definition of reading and writing capability."

Jinjiu Li
Doctor of Philosophy
“In industry there is a vast amount of information and data that is available for use but a significant lack of knowledge about the data itself and how to use it. I want to help close that gap”.

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