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What is information technology?

Information technology is all around us - from the moment you wake up and check your smart phone for your social media update, to your smart card to take public transport and your smart card to pay for it. Information technologists are working hard behind the scenes to better connect us in the modern world.

Today, IT professionals are programming, networking, analysing and building. They're pioneering business and technical solutions for computer hardware, software, electronics, the Internet, telecommunications, e-commerce and computer services. And they're often disrupting today and delivering the technology of tomorrow.

Career opportunities in Australia and beyond

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There are plenty of job opportunities in most areas of information technology, particularly in Australia, but also worldwide. IT professionals also generally have good working conditions and a balanced lifestyle. This is partly because their skills are transportable across all industries and the skills allow them to work from home and/or the office.

There are loads of positions in IT and they're not all technical. Here are some options:

Technology buildersweb designers, web / software / mobile / games developers, software programmers, multimedia specialist
Technology servicesnetwork engineer, system administrator, network engineer, data analyst
Technology implementationsystems integrator, business analyst, quality analyst, project manager
Technology governancebusiness process modeller, information management specialist, applications architect, network security specialist
Researchersinvestigate IT issues. Researchers work on ground-breaking projects that have the potential to help millions of people

For comprehensive career information check out joboutlook (opens external site).

What jobs are in demand?

According to the joboutlook (opens external site) employment in 2017 - 2018 for:

  • Computer network professionals is expected to grow very strongly
  • Database and systems administrators and ICT security specialists is expected to grow strongly
  • ICT business and systems analysts is expected to grow very strongly
  • ICT support and test engineers is expected to steadily
  • Multimedia specialists and web developers is expected to grow strongly

What do you need to work in IT?

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IT is not just about computers, especially if you're interested in one day creating your own start-up. You've got to know how the business works. Here are a few tips on what you need to work in IT:

  • Good communication skills and enjoy dealing with people
  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • To be motivated and results-driven
  • To be a team player
  • To be willing to learn new things and adapt to an ever-changing environment
  • A mix of business and technical skills
  • An understanding of how a business works – IT is not just about computers



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