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Master of Business in IT Management program staff profiles

From our highly experienced teaching staff, to our industry partners and guest lecturers, to our alumni and current students, the MBITM community is a strongly bonded network of people who have similar aspirations and values.

Associate Professor Ken Dovey

Ken Dovey is the Director of the Master of Business in IT Management (MBITM) and its associated courses. He has over 30 years experience in academic roles in South African and Australian universities, leading to professorial appointments in the area of strategic leadership. He has consulted to a wide range of global businesses, governments and non-profit organizations since 1981; work that sees him engaged as a leadership coach to senior executives. He lectures regularly on executive education programs at business schools around the world. Ken teaches the subjects Leadership & People Management and Management Research Methods.

Professor Eng Chew

Eng Chew is Professor of Business and IT Strategy at UTS and a part-time Industry Advisor. He is a former Chief Information Officer of SingTel Optus, and has over 25 years of industry experience in IT and Telecommunications in Australia. Under the Gartner Chair (2005-2008), he produced insightful research papers for Gartner on China’s ICT telecommunications industry market trends; China’s ICT R&D and education institutions; and China’s CIO leadership maturity. He has delivered keynote speeches on IT leadership and management practices and trends, including global IT outsourcing services. Eng teaches the subject IT Strategy on the MBITM.

Dr Tudor Maxwell

Tudor Maxwell has worked and consulted in business, academic and government sectors in South Africa, Switzerland and Australia. His current consulting experience is in strategy formulation, business transformation, process improvement, business modelling and data analytics. He has a doctorate from the University of St Gallen in Switzerland; has lectured at leading global business schools; and has published a number of articles in peer reviewed journals. Tudor teaches the subject Managing Organisational Change on the MBITM.

Dr Bruce McCabe

Bruce McCabe is the Director of Technology Innovation at KPMG, where he helps organisations adopt and exploit new technologies for business advantage. He has researched digital trends and their impacts on organisations, industry and work, since 1995. During the past 15 years Bruce has provided research, thought leadership and advisory services to ASX-100 companies and government agencies. He is a commercialisation advisor to two of Australia’s peak science organisations: CSIRO and National ICT Australia. Prior to joining KPMG, Bruce founded S2 Intelligence, a think tank to support organisational innovation through grounded research. Before S2 he was a Research Director with Gartner Asia/Pacific. Bruce holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UTS and a B.Sc. from the University of Sydney. He is a Research Fellow with the UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. Bruce teaches the subject Strategic Leadership for Innovation.

David Gwillim

David Gwillim has built a career in IT and Finance holding senior management positions within the ICT industry. Passionate about developing Australia‘s IT management talent David co-lectures the subject IT Governance on the ITMP. Introduced in 2004, this was Australia‘s first dedicated IT Governance subject.

Bettina McMahon

Bettina McMahon has extensive experience in public policy and IT, having held senior roles in project management and risk-based policy making. Bettina‘s specialty lies in diagnosing problems then fixing them; either at a national level through public policy or at an organisational level though business process and IT. Bettina co-lectures the subject IT Governance on the MBITM.

Bryan Fenech

Bryan Fenech specialises in the provision of project portfolio management (PPM) consultancy and education services, including independent expert advice, maturity assessments, health diagnostics, management of capability implementation and improvement projects and programs, and recruitment. Bryan lectures the subject Strategic IT Investment and has delivered conference papers internationally on the impact and benefits of Project Portfolio Management for business.

Rob Livingstone

Rob has more than 3 decades of managerial experience in the corporate world, half of which as a CIO in a number of multinationals, most recently as CIO of Ricoh in Australia. Prior to entering the IT world as a CIO in the mid ‘90s, Rob held several senior operational, strategic advisory and executive positions in a range of industries both locally and overseas. These include defence-aerospace, manufacturing, public utility, packaging, construction through to logistics.

He is a Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) where he teaches postgraduate students in the areas of leadership, strategy and innovation on UTS’ flagship Master of Business in Information Technology Management (MBITM) program.