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Our purpose

At Jumbunna, our students are not one in tens of thousands, they are one of a highly valued few hundred. We’ve worked hard to get them here and it’s our job to make sure they not only stay with us, but they thrive with us.

Our students are our future.

Our services are our core. Many of our students have travelled a long way from their family to study with us. We see ourselves as their home away from home, their small family within the big city.

Everyone is welcome at Jumbunna. Everyone is important. No matter what their background is – every student is accepted.

Explore our pathways for Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander people and find out more about the services we provide to nurture our students.

If you are an Indigenous person and would like to utilise the services at Jumbunna you will need a confirmation of Aboriginality, to find out where you can obtain one visit Indigenous Business Australia. You can also provide a Statutory Declaration, but a confirmation is preferred.