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Moving away from home can be a stressful transition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Jumbunna and UTS Housing staff have the professional experience and skills to assist students in adapting to a new living environment, and for some, a new city.

The UTS Housing mission is to enrich student life by providing and promoting a positive living environment that is conducive to academic, social and personal growth.

Kygim and Demi at Yura

UTS student residences

UTS Housing offers a broad range of accommodation options to suit varying needs and budgets. All options are self-catered and within close proximity to a number of supermarkets and restaurants.

There are currently four separate UTS Housing residences:

Gumal Ngurang, Bulga Ngurra, Geegal and the newest residence, Yura Mudang.


Yura Mudang: adjacent to main tower
Gumal Ngurang: 5 minutes from UTS
Bulga Ngurra: 5-10 minutes from UTS
Geegal: 10-15 minutes from UTS



Before you apply for UTS Housing, please complete this questionnaire for Indigenous students, so Jumbunna can help cater to your needs. On completion of this survey, a Jumbunna Student Services Officer will contact you.

Applications for all UTS Housing residences can be made by filling out the UTS Housing Service form online.

Couples and families

Unfortunately, UTS Housing does not offer accommodation for couples or families.

If you will be residing with a partner while you are studying at UTS, accommodation can be arranged through other housing organisations such as Aboriginal Hostels Limited , NSW Department of Housing and various real estate agents. Alternatively ,you can contact our Off-Campus Accommodation Officer via housing.welfare@uts.edu.au or our Student Service Officers.

Who can I go to for assistance?

Jumbunna has built great relationships with all UTS Housing staff and we also offer additional support to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in fulfilling their housing needs. To access this support, registration is essential.

For more information, contact Damita McGuinness at Jumbunna.

UTS Housing are also more than willing to assist with inquiries:

•    Amit Mitra  - Manager of UTS Housing
•    For assistance with housing applications contact Anirudha Saha
•    For financial matters regarding rent, deposit payments, late payments contact Sarah Portelli
•    For other residential support matters such as changing apartments contact Katie Hallam