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Undergraduate, postgraduate and research studies at UTS

Jumbunna was one of the first teams created in a NSW university for the support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. We have a long history of enabling students to achieve academic and personal success in their studies and careers. One way we enable students is through the Jumbunna Pathways Program.  

Jumbunna Pathways Program - Direct Entry

The Jumbunna Pathways Program is an entry system that allows you to demonstrate your capacity for higher education. Places into a UTS degrees are awarded through the program based on your own merit. Find out more and complete your application online for the Jumbunna Pathways Program. On completion of the program, recommendations will be provided for one of the following: 

  1. Direct entry to UTS undergraduate degree
  2. Unistart pathway program
  3. Insearch pathway program
  4. TAFE or further preparation

Applications are now open for the Jumbunna Pathways Program


Student Profile: Blake Hayward

Bachelor of Marine Biology

'If it wasn’t for Jumbunna, I wouldn’t be studying at UTS today.'


Postgraduate Studies

If you have completed a degree or relevant work experience and want to do further study, UTS has a wide range of postgraduate courses to expand your career horizons. Find the right course for you.


A UTS research degree can open the door to a world of professional opportunities, equipping you with specialist expertise and leadership skills that are highly valued in industry, government and academia. There are several types of higher degree research qualification, including industry doctorates, and dual and joint degrees. Discover the research opportunities at UTS

One opportunity is to research within the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research. The team are currently seeking students interested in addressing the following focus areas:

  • achieving strategic research outcomes that are Indigenous specific
  • producing the highest quality research on Indigenous legal and policy issues
  • building strategic alliances with community based organisations

Students interested in undertaking research with the centre should contact Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research.